Why Bright?


(Pronounced \ˈbrīt\)

“People whose world-view is naturalistic–that is, free of supernatural or mystical elements–refer to themselves as Brights. The Brights have learned something about the power of words. In this new connotation, Bright is a noun, like the word black is a noun when used to refer to an African American. All Brights, understand that intelligence is a product of hard work rather then innate ability.

Who are these Brights? They are humanists, free thinkers, good Samaritans, agnostics, skeptics and atheists. They are barbers, teachers, volunteers, waitresses, doctors, philosophers, servers, construction workers, and scientists. They are mothers and uncles. They are your next door neighbors. They are Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians. And yes, some of them are members of your church, mosque or temple.

The only thing Brights have in common with all other Brights is that they base their ethics, morality, decisions and behaviors on a naturalistic worldview.

What do these Brights want? We desire the same thing everyone truly wants. We want a voice in social, political and ethical issues. We want to be heard and respected.

The Brights are coming, and they firmly stand for intellectualism,  naturalism, social justice, camaraderie and a better brighter tomorrow.

We are Bright.”   -UrbanDictionary.com