bath salt zombies

What’s The Deal With Bath Salts?

America’s day spas have been dealt a cruel blow recently. Yesterday particularly! Of you didn’t hear? Well, apparently a new designer drug confusingly called “bath salts” was behind the Miami “cannibal” attack. Not zombies … just bath salts.

Now the Web is covered from head to toe in stories about the ultra-dangerous hallucinogens, which can cause the kind of violent delusions that led to the two gruesome cannibalistic attacks that happened this week. But before you stop bathing in luxury, lets look a little deeper at ‘bath salts’.

bath salt zombies


So What’s The Deal With Bath Salts?

Bath salts, aka  “Ivory Wave,” “Vanilla Sky,” “Bliss,” and “Purple Rain”, made headlines last year after a rush of emergency room visits, 1000s of calls to poison centers and several deaths. The man-made, synthetic drug is made from amphetamine-like chemicals and causes a unique combination of effects on the brain.

If you take the worst attributes of meth, coke, PCP, LSD and Ecstasy and put them together, that’s what we’re seeing sometimes,” Mark Ryan, the director of the Louisiana Poison Center, told the New York Times.

According to a report from the National Institutes of Health.

The powdery substance comes in a small packet, and can be inhaled, swallowed or injected.

bath salts chemical structure

For The Science & Chemistry Students Out There


The drug is manufactured by street chemists and sold in convenience stores or online, often legally. Sellers were able to sell the drug legally since its emergence in 2009 by marketing the substance as either bath salts or “plant food” or “insect repellant,” and stipulating “not for human consumption” on the label. – nydailynews



A 50-milligram packet usually sells for $25 to $50, reports say.

drug makes you a zombie
 It turns you into a psychopath. You see there is always a catch.

 Bath Salts In The News And Media

20-year-old admits ‘bath salts’ almost killed her

George Lopez: Riding the Ivory Wave!



What Does A Bath Salt High Look Like?

Warning to bath salt users based on experience.

Effects of Bath Salts (Skipp head to 1:01)


Bath Salts vs. Bath Salts (Satire)

bath salts vs bath salts

Courtesy of Huffington Post



The Walking Bath Salts

the walking dead vs bath salts



Incidences of Bath Salt Use Leading To Violence, Suicide, Hospitalization, Cannibalism and Murder


1. Rutgers Student William Parisio, Accused In Pamela Schmidt’s Murder, Used ‘Bath Salts’ To Get High

Bath Salt Attack

Rutgers Dropout accused of murdering 22 y/o classmate Pamela Schmidt. Mother believes his use of mephedrone, commonly referred to as bath salts, drove him to a paranoid state.         (click to read full article)




 2. Student hospitalized after consuming bath salts

 A 14-year-old Merrill High School student was taken to a local hospital Wednesday after consuming bath salts. (full article here)


3. Police: Hospitalized GVSU students were on bath salts (youtube)

“Glass was broken, they were running through windows, so we were just mainly worried about their conditions,” said Mary Komejan, a Grand Valley State University freshman. (source)


4. Youtube: clip of someone high on Bath Salt (youtube)


5. Missing Men Found Dead In Allegany National Forest

In April 2011, two weeks after they went missing, two men in northwestern Pennsylvania, were found dead in a remote location on government land. The official cause of death of both men was hypothermia, but toxicology reports later confirmed that both Troy Johnson, 29, and Terry Sumrow, 28, had ingested MDPV shortly before their deaths. (source)


6. Soldier killed in Washington state who Killed Wife And Himself Used ‘bath salts’

Washington state soldier authorities said appeared to have been using bath salts before he shot and killed his wife and himself last month. (source)

7. Cops: Woman high on bath salts Violently Trashes Hotel Room

Indiana State Police said a 42-year-old woman they believe was high on bath salts trashed a hotel room. Police said when they arrived Wednesday at a hotel near Rensselaer, Tammy Winter, of Demotte, was sitting on a bed, rambling about evil spirits and needing to write on the walls of the room to protect her from the spirits. A relative who was present told police that Winter was an abuser of bath salts. (source)


8. Florida Woman High On ‘bath salt’ Attacks 71 y/o Mother With Machete 

A woman, apparently high on bath salts, burst into her 71-year-old mother’s room swinging a machete, according to Panama City Beach police. (source)


9. Police: Man on Bath Salts Stabbed Himself and Threw Intestines at Officers

Officers noticed that his intestines were protruding from a wound in his abdomen, Heinemann said. Carter allegedly threw some of his skin and intestines at officers as they tried to enter the room, Heinemann said. (source)


10. Student High On Bath Salt Ate His Roommates Brain & Heart In Maryland, Cops Say

maryland student eats roommates heart and brain

In yet another horrifying incident of human flesh-eating this week, student in Maryland allegedly admitted to devouring his roommate’s brain and heart. (source)



11. Naked Zombie Man Was Chewing Victim’s Face, Growled At Miami Police

The victim of the attack, a homeless Miami man, was in critical condition Monday after 75% to 80% of his face was chewed off, CNN reports. (source)


12. Bath Salts Lead To Horrific Animal Abuse

Harrell removed Honey from the dryer and threw her down the stairs again. This broke Honey’s leg. Honey began squealing from pain. (source)

Is Bath Salt Legal?

The Senate has passed House Resolution 1254, the Synthetic Drug Control Act of 2011, which would federally criminalize the possession, distribution, and manufacture of synthetic cannabinoids (“fake marijuana”) and synthetic stimulants (“bath salts”). The measure has already passed the House, and President Obama is expected to quickly sign it into law. (source)


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  2. Although bath salts are sold disguised as a harmless substance used for relaxation, people are ingesting them seeking euphoria.

    In addition to experiencing altered moods, many bath salt users are having psychotic episodes marked with violent behavior.

    See the up to date infographic on how they work (graphic view)

    Bath Salts Infographic

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