Sci-Fi Fan: Starter Kit


The introduction explains why you should read this article. The article will use gifs, and Sci-Fi references to convince the reader that this will be an article worth reading. The target audience is College Seniors, Community College students, and college dropouts who arent exactly sure about the future. 1. Sunday Service Product: Star wars toys, Marvel toys, Star projector night light, Power of Positive Thinking, Ad space, Audible subscription Reference: E.T, Aliens,… Read More

Ronnie Fieg’s Blueprint

Queens-bred Ronnie Fieg infamously went from 13-year-old stockboy to brand mogul by mastering the limited-edition sneaker drop and trafficking unique products that feel special to KITH devotees. – Complex Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: Part I: Foundations 1. Develop Your Style 2. Find Your Role Models 3. Start At The Bottom 4. Find A Connection 5. Use Your Relationships 6. Take The Risk Part II: Second Story 1. Anticipate Demand 2…. Read More

Business Ideas for students: the most profitable startups

(by Sandra Hayward) Business Ideas for students: the most profitable startups Everybody knows that students are the most creative individuals that can find their way to study, work and entertain themselves at the same time! A lot of young people crave to be successful right from the college years and that is why want to launch their business project and develop it simultaneously with their studies. This is not a problem if you are… Read More

How To Get An Artist Alley Table At Comic-Con 2016

Comiccon NYC exhibitor

(via NewyorkComiccon)New York Comic Con will feature the latest and greatest entertainment, comics, gaming, anime, manga, screenings and more! Fill out the form below to learn about all of the exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities at New York Comic Con, or contact one of the sales people below.

8 Resources Every New Startup Person Should Use

Start-Up Resource

(Nick Taranto , Contributor) I’m regularly asked “What should I read if I want to start my own business?” or “I’m leaving the corporate world and I’m thinking about founding a startup — what should I do?”

A Platform for Effective Webinars is Here


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Bright Futura Comment Contest And $100 Giveaway


Information on how to win the big prizes are at the bottom… You just scrolled to the bottom didn’t you!    Things You Should Know Below is an interview with the CEO of Runnur. I got a chance to meet and talk with him. For any aspiring entrepreneurs out there, the interview with Andrew the Creator of Runnur is really worth your time.    I Don’t Read Things, I’m Just Here To… Read More

Prizes For The Runnur Contest

If you win the runnur contest (you totally will), then you’ll receive an amazing Amazon Gift card for $100, a pair of super cool black Bright Futura Sunglasses, a Bright Futura “You Are Not A Loan” Organic Cotton T shirt, a super amazing Runnur bag and the biggest hug you’ve ever seen.   1. A $100 Amazon Gift Card 2. Bright Futura Sunglasses (Buy A Pair And Help Support The Save A… Read More

How To Join The College Party

Many people are asking how to join The College Party. We have gotten countless emails. I mean billions! So just to make it easy,  we at Bright Futura have decided to create a How To Join The College Party step by step guide.   Step 1: Stand up, raise your right eyebrow and read the below statement aloud I pledge allegiance to the Flag (we don’t have a flag yet) and The… Read More