The 8 People You Meet and Eventually Become in College

College is full of characters, people of all walks of life coming together to study and become future world leaders.  The people and friends you meet in college will eventually influence you. There are 8 Classes of college student I have listed, this is not to say you will become just like them, but you will be become parts of them. I am All Purpose Nerd, Tough Worker, Whatever, with hints of Outgoer



Future: Is gonna make money.

This person is smart, through and through. They might not realize it, or flaunt it, but they can mess up any teacher’s exam in a good minute. They usually know their major upon entering because they wanted it their whole life, or their parents told them. Nerd’s want that 4.0 GPA, and get a sense of satisfaction from framing their transcript. The nerd won’t liven up parties but they will help your grades.

Subclass include: gamer nerd, dungeon and dragons nerd, and the all purpose nerd (who doesn’t care for much except getting anything over a passing grade and moving on in the class because they know they have their profession already planned out and this college thing is just a stepping stone.)

PROS: Never worries about grades. Will find a job.

CONS: Not known as the party type.


2. The Athlete

Future: Multiple Super Bowl Parties

The athlete is a staple of school stereotypes. Generally because of their social standing and sports affiliation the athlete has a great body type, extremelycharismatic, and is well known on campus. You don’t have to be on a sport’s team to be an athlete; you can just fit the description to be one.
The Athlete has the physique of a rugby player and the instinct of a Spartan Warrior. The athlete is generally good around woman, and usually has no problem of being the wall flower at a party, either they’ll come with friends, or people will be attracted to them. The athlete will often take what little free time they have at this party to get drunk, whether from a bottle or a 30 gallon trash can. They will party with no qualms about it.

Subclasses include: The Team Athlete, the Gym Rat Athlete, The Student-Frat-Lete

PROS: Never boring, games, girls, drinks.
CONS: NO Free time. May be lost after graduation.


3. The Player

The player wants to get in some pants and if they want you, they will hunt you.

Future: A BIG Little black book

This person looks beautiful. They are what you wanted to look like when you grew up. The player wants to get in some pants and if they want you, they will hunt you. The Player’s only enemy on the battlefield of love, is The Athlete. The player dresses like GQ or Cosmo and knows they belong on the cover one day. The player is often seen with nice toys. Clean dorm, clean clothes, clean car, the player aims to impress and will be on point at all times.

The player is not at a party to get drunk, but to get drunk people. The player is rarely often wasted, and is often the person with the most interesting college stories at the end of the night. The player is a tease for love, and knows how to twist your heart and knows how to turn all of their interesting hobbies into attractive hobbies.

Subclasses include: Player with a hot accent, Beta Male Player (doesn’t look suave or like an athlete but they will find ways to spit game)

PROS: Clean, smooth, never alone.
CONS: Too many lovers, too many nice things. Might be broke emotionally or financially.


4. The Whatever

Future: W/E they find interesting.
These people are there to get in and get out. They are doing them, and whatever makes them happy. They aren’t exactly a stereotype because they are too far and in between, but they are the one’s who could care less about most of the events and people around them. Like hipsters they know about fads and trends before you and will hesitate sharing new found secrets with you. They work as hard as the Athlete, knows their major like the nerd, and is known to be a Player here and there.

The Whatever’s are a myriad of activities and hobbies from being a fan of K-Pop to Megadeth. Whatever suites them they know of it, and know all about it. They could be an athlete or a mathlete but chose to be in the middle somewhere. The Whatever’s come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. While they are known as whatever’s and care very little for many things, if they do find something to care about be it a lover, or a major, they will be loyal and faithful to it.

Subclasses include: Druggie Whatever, Hipster Whatever, Emo Whatever

PROS: Loyal, Hard Working, Will Introduce you to New Things
CONS: New Things might include drugs, you never know what to expect.


5. Quiet Fury

Future: A Simple Life

There is not much to say about these people. They are the kids in class that sit in the back and don’t speak all semester unless called upon or you are in a group project with them. They are often confused for mute Dutch orphans. They are never see, nor heard. Yet if you catch one as a roommate you will that they are actually quite interesting in their own quiet ways. This student is average in intellectual capabilities.

Subclasses include: Hipster Quiet Fury, Nerdy Quiet Fury, Good Choice in Music Quiet Fury, and Social Activist

PROS: Won’t disturb the peace. Shy at first but will be your loudest friend
CONS: Boring, like having a fish for a pet.


6. The Social Butterfly

Future: Soccer Mom/ Neighborhood Watch Dad

This person is the center of all campus activities. They are on top of the most popular campus organizations and activities, they are an RA and a TA. They are known by everyone. This person works well in any organization and is usually an activist for a certain group, or religion, or sexual orientation, or has a simple message of school or frat/soro to push forward. Not to heavy on the dating scene, or is already in a long term relationship. The Social Butterfly is the Athlete of campus activities, and a nerd of whichever Student Org is lucky enough to have them.

Subclasses include: The Frat/Soro Social Butterfly,  Party-Life Social Butterfly

PROS: Knows everyone! Will be one of those people on the alumni board, wearing school colors till their 95.
CONS: Hard to keep up with. Will send you too many facebook events.


7. Tough-Worker

Future: Whatever they set their mind too.

This is work ethic personified. The professional calculator of every day and night. The tough-worker is not the social butterfly, because they know not to spread themselves to thin. The tough worker knows their lane and drives an 18-wheeler down it. The Tough-worker will work with the Social Butterfly to set up events, while the Butterfly promotes, the worker is behind the scenes putting the event together. They are down-to-earth, witty, and short-tempered. The tough worker is the person you WANT to work with for your group project. The Tough worker can hold their own solo, or group wise, they have a thick skin and hate to fail. At parties the tough worker will cut loose and will finally see them outside of a work setting; it’s rare site. The tough worker is like a parent to their friends, will keep it real, and will take care of you when needed. They don’t care, they will get it done!

Subclasses include: The Always Working Out Athlete, and The Nerd of Nerds

PROS: Is a B.A.M.F  who gets work done.
CONS: Not openly friendly while going H.A.M, appreciates work ethic before friendship

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8. Outgoer

Future: Indiana Jones

This person wants to get the hell off of campus Friday afternoon. They want to explore all of the surrounding city, and maybe even the state. They have the best Facebook profile pics because it just looks interesting and fun wherever they are. Because they are always interesting and fun. This person can be sophisticated with teachers, dangerously impulsive when left alone, cute in their own way and always wants to roll with 2 or more people. Being alone is not their style. This person is involved deeply in one or two organizations, or is in 17 of them. This person has their own sense of style and is gonna express themselves no matter what people say.

This person knows all of the good eats on and off campus, where to shop, where to party, and their ipod always plays better music than yours….ALWAYS. It is common to see the Outgoer with a Social Butterfly, or Athlete in a relationship. The Hard Worker and Nerd are too sheltered for them. The Player is too flimsy for them, and they have never seen or heard of Quiet Fury even though they’ve had the same classes together since freshman year. They are often quite artistic and prone to creating things.

^this is their Tuesday night

Subclasses include: Hipster Outgoer, Druggie Outgoer, Scene Outgoer, and Knows the Deals Outgoer 


PROS: Can cook, and entertain you on a budget to show you stuff you never seen before.

CONS: No real stability


These are the top 8 classes I have encountered in my times at college. I did not include drinking or party people because it’s such a wide variable and everyone parties in their own way. Look over the 8 classes see where you fit in and if you don’t fit, make your own lane.


Leon Langford | Bright Futura Columnist

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