Protect Your Testicles From Technology


Your Future Children Will Thank You If you dream of spawning a mini me or three one of these days, you might consider keeping that laptop off your lap and curbing your cell phone use just a touch. Don’t panic. No one has proven for sure that technology damages male fertility. But increasing evidence links the heat and/or electromagnetic frequencies coming from cellphones and laptops with less-than-optimal sperm. A report out today… Read More

5 Ways To Stay Healthy During the Holidays


Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Why? Because it’s a holiday that is essentially dedicated to food. And I well who doesn’t love food. Yes, I know, we’re supposed to be giving thanks and thinking about Dead Native Americans, but I’m really just looking forward to some Candied Yams (can I get a witness). There are just a few problems with all this. The holiday season tempts us to go way… Read More