Sci-Fi Fan: Starter Kit


The introduction explains why you should read this article. The article will use gifs, and Sci-Fi references to convince the reader that this will be an article worth reading. The target audience is College Seniors, Community College students, and college dropouts who arent exactly sure about the future. 1. Sunday Service Product: Star wars toys, Marvel toys, Star projector night light, Power of Positive Thinking, Ad space, Audible subscription Reference: E.T, Aliens,… Read More

Kaws’ Blueprint

“KAWS went from a skater kid doing graffiti around New York City to illustrating the beloved animated series Doug to creating instantly recognizable pop art that gained visibility the world over. The artist, painter, designer and toymaker details how he linked with Nigo and Pharrell in Japan, collaborated with Jordan and Uniqlo for sold-out capsules, and created motifs that elevated fine art into the cultural zeitgeist.” – Complex Subscribe to Complex on… Read More

Scooter Braun’s Blueprint

Scooter Braun is a visionary for the self-made, social media age. After catching the eye of Jermaine Dupri as the hottest young party promoter in Atlanta, Braun signed and diligently broke Asher Roth and Justin Bieber. He went on to manage a bevy of global pop stars to expand his company into other facets of entertainment and to weather some very public storms, all while gathering a following as big as some… Read More

Lyor Cohen’s Blueprint

“From Run DMC to Roc-a-Fella, from DMX to Young Thug, Lyor Cohen discovered and broke some of the most prolific musical acts of our time at the helm of the biggest labels. In a conversation that spans his decades of leadership in the industry, he shares how failing as a party promoter led him to working for Russell Simmons, how he invented the 360 deal, surviving the turmoil of the business, and… Read More

Jon Buscemi’s Blueprint

“Jon Buscemi details how he went from Wall Street to founding an eponymous lifestyle brand that marries hip-hop to high fashion.” -Complex Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: Part I: Foundation 1. Appreciate Your Surroundings 2. Start Hustling Early 3. Make Sacrifices 4. Play To Your Strengths 5.  Connect With Collaborators Part II: Second Story 1. Always Fight Back 2. Know When To Pivot 3. Create For Yourself 4. Adapt To The… Read More

Pusha T’s Blueprint

“Pusha T got into rap as a kid looking up to his big brother. After their group, Clipse, disbanded, Pusha went solo, connected with Kanye West, became president of G.O.O.D. Music, and has remained relevant in rap for nearly two decades.” – Complex Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: Part I: Foundation 1. Develop A Work Ethic 2. Take The Leap 3. Never Accept Defeat 4. Serve The Base Part II: Second… Read More

Pat Corcoran’s Blueprint

“Pat “The Manager” Corcoran and Chancelor “The Rapper” Bennett, two self-taught kids from Chicago, set the bar for what independent artists can achieve. Pat the Manager details how the two met, the backlash around the release of Coloring Book, and the one thing that threatened their independence.” -Complex Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: Part I: Foundation 1. Reputation Is Everything 2. Learn From Failure 3. Become Indispensable 4. Learn All You… Read More

Angie Nwandu’s Blueprint

“Over 10 million “roommates” visit The Shade Room each day to get the latest in celeb news, thanks to 26-year-old Angie Nwandu, who went from foster care and unemployment to formatting the tabloids for the social media generation.” – Complex Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: Part I: Foundation 1. Make The Jump 2. Stay True To Yourself 3. Be Resourceful 4. Trust Yourself Part Two: Second Story 1. Turn Weakness Into… Read More

John McPheters’ Blueprint

“John McPheters helped bring the consignment model to footwear at Flight Club then struck out on his own with Stadium Goods, taking the company from conception to nine figures in just two years with no ceiling in sight.” – Complex Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: Part I: Foundation 1. Acting Like You Belong 2. Play To Home Advantage 3. Utilize Relationships 4. Pitch Yourself 5. Steer Your Own Destiny Part II:… Read More

Charles D. King Blueprint

“Charles D. King made history as he rose from the mailroom of William Morris agency to its first African-American partner, spearheading the careers of everyone from Oprah and Tyler Perry to Missy Elliott and Janet Jackson. Here, he chronicles how he left WME to launch Macro, a multicultural media company responsible for Fences, one of 2016’s biggest films.” – Complex Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: Part I: Foundation 1. Pay Your… Read More