Batman vs Superman vs Iron-man vs Spider-Man


Question: What if Batman, vs Superman, vs Iron-man, vs Spider-man?” spontaneous melee…. The obvious choice is Batman and I am not being biased. All four get together and start going at it in some cosmic twist of coincidence. Well, teams will form and that’s when it will be all over, Batman will hold his own against Spider-Man, and Iron-Man will immediately tackle the strong of the 2 which will be his undoing…. Read More

Iron Man Is A Not A Hero, He Is A Weapon.


Iron Man is not a Super hero. He is a weapon. Heroes use tactfulness, humility, diplomacy, and valor. Perhaps, I missed these characteristics in the first 3 appearances of Iron Man (His solo movies and the Avengers movie). Feel free to disprove my assertion. But as Tony, he is a flamboyantly childish rich genius trying to out do his fathers legacy and as Iron Man he is a big flying gun with… Read More