Student Designs Awesome Coke Cola Ad Campaign


20-Year-Old Student Designs Coke Cola Ad Campaign In China Jonathan Mak Long, who created a much-praised Steve Jobs Apple logo tribute last year, designed an arresting minimalistic poster for Coke. The design is currently only used in China, having only been put out yesterday, but the image could be used in other markets, and it has certainly impressed the client. “It’s got unusual, intriguing stopping power,” Stephen Drummond, director-content and creative excellence… Read More

Design Student Is Generating Buzz: Creates Plugbook

plugbook copy

  Dave Hakkens a Design Academy Eindhoven student is getting a lot of attention for his creative solution to an every day problem. Dave’s creation is called the “Plugbook” and it is generating a lot of buzz for two reasons its has a clean design and it helps keep your pad tidy: it’s essentially a retractable extension cord (bear with me here) in which the spool is concealed in a rather conspicuous… Read More

Badass Students Creates A Backpack For Scaling Walls


While this may look like a scene from the New Amazing Spider-Man movie franchise I assure you this is just another case of student badassery.  The kick ass backpack that is helping the lucky student in the video above scale a building was created by the engineering team at Utah State University. The Air Force recently went to these guys and asked them to build a PVAC, or Personal Vacuum Assisted Climber,… Read More