How Not to Die In College: Throwing A Dorm Party


No lie, it’s been a long time since I’ve been an undergraduate freshman, but now that I’m a graduate student in a new school and in a new state, I’m finding many parallels to then and now. To keep things interesting I will provide some sage-like advice from someone who has already graduated, in my series HOW NOT TO DIE IN COLLEGE (HOW NOT TO DIE INC). How Not to Die In College Presents:… Read More

More Specific Roommate Door Signals


When your roommate puts a tie or sock on the door, you know you’ve been sexiled. Sometimes, however, they occupy the room for entirely different reasons…

So You’ve Been Sexiled


by Kourtney Kinsel Oh, the joy and excitement of new love! The flowers, the attraction, the romantic nights… Pause:  romantic nights can get a bit sticky in a dorm room scenario. It’s not exactly as if you have a place to yourself. True; you don’t have to worry about parents or siblings, but you do still have another person living in the same room- yikes. And when you’re that other person, things… Read More