5 Things To Look For in a College Roommate

college roommate

Finding a new roommate can be quite stressful. You’re basically auditioning for a new friend who will be meters from where you sleep. If you already live in a property, you’re inviting someone into your personal space and you may still be getting over losing your previous roommate. Most find the whole process very awkward and don’t know what to ask, or how to choose. If it comes down to two great… Read More

No Class: June 10th, 2012


Every Sunday Bright Futura will feature all the funny, witty, irrelevant, and nonsensical, gifs, videos, pictures and images that we’ve found and or made from the week. We’ll be putting all this extreme amusement in a post called No Class. For those students who use Bright Futura as a resource for informational articles and interesting college news coverage, please be advised that No Class is not for you. Commence the hilarity in 3…2…1   ____________________________________________________________… Read More

What’s The Deal With Bath Salts?

bath salt zombies

America’s day spas have been dealt a cruel blow recently. Yesterday particularly! Of you didn’t hear? Well, apparently a new designer drug confusingly called “bath salts” was behind the Miami “cannibal” attack. Not zombies … just bath salts. Now the Web is covered from head to toe in stories about the ultra-dangerous hallucinogens, which can cause the kind of violent delusions that led to the two gruesome cannibalistic attacks that happened this… Read More

UCLA To Make Co-Ed Roommates An Option


The University of California at Los Angeles (that’s UCLA to you) is flirting with the option to allow students to request a co-ed roommate for the 2012 academic year.

So You’ve Been Sexiled


by Kourtney Kinsel Oh, the joy and excitement of new love! The flowers, the attraction, the romantic nights… Pause:  romantic nights can get a bit sticky in a dorm room scenario. It’s not exactly as if you have a place to yourself. True; you don’t have to worry about parents or siblings, but you do still have another person living in the same room- yikes. And when you’re that other person, things… Read More