Barack Obama Singing Boyfriend by Justin Bieber


What Is The College Party? The College Party is a new political organization that is pretty much better than all the other lame ass political parties combined ( If you are in college and you aren’t interested in joining The College Party, you are probably extremely racist and hate education, new born babies, and delicious breakfasts in bed.   What Is The College Party’s Political Platform? Uhh…things that matter to college students… Read More

Dating In College Vs. Dating As A Post-Grad


How You Meet College You: He’s in one of my classes and I’ve always had a crush on him. One night, we ran into each other at a mutual friend’s house party and just started making out. It was really organic and afterwards we realized that we actually have tons of friends in common. It’s really easy to blend our two groups! Post-Grad You: I met him online or a friend set… Read More

Savage U: Talking Sexuality, & Relationships At UCF


Savage U has just released their 6 episode. Dan and Lauren head to the sunshine state to cover masturbation, bi-sexuality and setting boundaries in relationships while at the University of Central Florida. Get More: Savage U, Full Episodes Posted by Maximillian Garland via MTVU Remember to follow Bright Futura on Facebook, Twitter, or you can subscribe to our RSS feed.

App Self-Destructs Sexts After Ten Seconds

sexting app

If you haven’t heard of sexting then you probably aren’t sexting. Not sexting may not be a bad thing though. While there are many perks to sexting with people you are interested in, it is important to consider the consequences of sexting. Related: Top 5 Consequences of Sexting Typically when sexting your biggest concern is that the person you sent the sext to may mistakenly or intentionally share it with his or… Read More

Bands and Bonds: Music and Friendship


(Vernon Keeve III) When I was growing up, I used to bob my head to TLC’s “What About Your Friends”. I took a verdant approach to the song—listening to the beat and only the beat. Then one day it dawned on me—not with this song, but another—if I would have just listened to the words of that damn song when I was younger, then some of that shit I went through would… Read More

5 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You…


Have you been feeling lately that your boyfriend or partner is not showing interest in you? Do you feel that he’s deliberately not making enough time for you? These are possible signs of a dwindling relationship. I think some of these reasons are pretty self-explanatory. However, I did make it a point to expand on them. The following are five signs that he’s just not that into you… This article is not… Read More

Florida Students Caught Having Sex On Courthouse Picnic Table


Many people leave courthouses feeling screwed. These two young lovebirds did, too. Police said two University of Florida students were caught having sex on a picnic table at the construction site of a federal courthouse in Jacksonville, Fla., according to WJXT-TV.

10 Tips For Surviving College Relationships


Relationships are hard in general. College relationships are really hard, but not impossible. Both of us dealt with our share of short-term and long-term relationships in college, and we learned a lot about what makes them work and what makes them crumble. Here are some of the most important lessons we learned from our personal college relationships:

UCLA To Make Co-Ed Roommates An Option


The University of California at Los Angeles (that’s UCLA to you) is flirting with the option to allow students to request a co-ed roommate for the 2012 academic year.

Exrated: Lets You Review Your Ex, From Hygiene To Mojo


BAD BREAKUP? NOW YOU CAN TELL THE WORLD EXACTLY WHAT YOUR EX DID WRONG. ExRated, a new website that allows people to review their exes, aspires to be a Yelp for former flames.