Why Chinese students put us to shame


This summer, I spent 7 weeks teaching English in Jiangsu province, China. While I was there, I became progressively more and more Chinese. The superficial, cultural traits I picked up – driving like a maniac, clicking my fingers at waitresses, proposing a toast every five minutes to anyone I’m remotely enjoying having dinner with – are proving that they can be unlearned (which is probably just as well, as “when in Rome”… Read More

So there’s this thing called The Avengers…


by Vicky Fryer Those of you of a less geeky disposition may be unaware of a project that has been unfolding in cinemas since 2008, a project which reaches its culmination next year with a superhero film that has the potential to change a great deal indeed: The Avengers. Quite simply, come early 2012, we will witness whether it is possible to join together several very different and reasonably successful films to make a larger and even… Read More