If You Know All These Songs You Are Old: Amazing 90’s Hits


Below is 5 seconds of every #1 Billboard Hot 100 Hit From 1993-2011. If you happen to know the lyrics or general tune to all of these songs, you probably still use yahoo as your primary email account and think you should back up your files on a floppy disk.   Maximillian Garland| Bright Futura Columnist Remember to follow Bright Futura on Facebook, Twitter, or you can subscribe to our RSS feed.

Univ Study Shows: We Get Dumber After Age 45

the college brain

Nervous about turning 35? 40? Don’t be. According to a new study, your real concern should be about turning 45. That’s based on a new studythat was just released which shows that we all may very well lose our mental acuity and sharpness after age 45. Basically, our brains start going downhill at this age: In the study, Archana Singh-Manoux at University College London and her colleagues assessed the cognitive abilities of… Read More