Univ Study Shows: We Get Dumber After Age 45

the college brain

Nervous about turning 35? 40? Don’t be. According to a new study, your real concern should be about turning 45. That’s based on a new studythat was just released which shows that we all may very well lose our mental acuity and sharpness after age 45. Basically, our brains start going downhill at this age: In the study, Archana Singh-Manoux at University College London and her colleagues assessed the cognitive abilities of… Read More

Protect Your Testicles From Technology


Your Future Children Will Thank You If you dream of spawning a mini me or three one of these days, you might consider keeping that laptop off your lap and curbing your cell phone use just a touch. Don’t panic. No one has proven for sure that technology damages male fertility. But increasing evidence links the heat and/or electromagnetic frequencies coming from cellphones and laptops with less-than-optimal sperm. A report out today… Read More

Why Creative Types May Be More Likely to Cheat

cheating in progress

Creative people think “outside the box,” a gift of psychological flexibility that, it turns out, may also apply to their ethics, according to the latest research from the American Psychological Association. Creative types, in other words, may be more likely to cheat. The same enterprising mind that allows creative people to consider new possibilities, generate original ideas, and resolve conflicts innovatively may be what also helps them justify their own dishonest behavior… Read More