Streaker Falls on Penis, Causes Controversy

Gawker Media

John Sieglinger, age 21, streaked at University of Southern Mississippi football game last weekend, and the worst thing that can happen during a streaking event occurred: He fell down. On his penis. One can only assume that the entire stadium full of football fans winced simultaneously when the unthinkable occurred. College rag The East Carolinian immortalized the moment with an uncensored picture of John Sieglinger squashing his babymaker on their paper’s front… Read More

Look Better Naked


By Amelia Brown In the TV show Arrested Development, the character Tobias Fünke is revealed to have a very dirty secret. He is caught showering, not in the nude, but in …  shorts! Jean cut-off shorts, which he indeed wears at all times under his clothing. The show jokingly describes Tobias as part of a clandestine cult of men who always wear denim shorts, deemed “Never Nudes.”