50 Ridiculous Luxuries Only Rich People Have

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If you are reading this than you probably aren’t rich. I mean hell, you’re probably in college which is almost the opposite of being rich. No offense! Furthermore you have probably realized that the cost of the “good life” is far from your reach. This is a sad pitiful truth my friend. However, if you embrace this reality early enough, you can begin to focus on what is really important… money! I… Read More

10 Ways To Self-Motivate And Get Your Life On Track


Do you find yourself stuck on a plateau and growing bored of the same routine? Are you angered by or jealous of the success of others? Here are some tips on how you can reclaim your life and reach those goals you have been hoping to attain. It is a fact that the happier you are with your own success, the less likely you will foster hatred for the successful. Familiarize yourself… Read More

The Most Successful College Dropouts


Successful Entrepreneurs Who Were High School or College Dropouts To celebrate us college dropouts I thought I would compile a list some of the top entrepreneurs who dropped out of college and then went on to make it big in the business world!

Do You Keep a Universal Grocery List?


by Jessica Mullen THE BEST ADVICE I EVER RECEIVED FOR INCREASING ABUNDANCE IN MY LIFE WAS FROM ABRAHAM-HICKS’ financial abundance meditation: The fastest way to get to an improved financial condition is to look for pleasing things that you already have. For in the seeking and finding of that which is working, more success will come. And it will come quickly. I created the Notice It, Get More of It worksheet to put this concept… Read More