Angie Martinez’s Blueprint

“Radio icon Angie Martinez shares how at 16 years old she used her passion for music to kickoff her career with an internship at a local Miami station. “The Voice of New York,” would later surmount a career that spans over 20 years and includes two rap albums, a New York Times best-selling book, a Tidal podcast, plus more.” – Complex Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: Part I: Foundation 1. Explore… Read More

Young Zuckerberg: What Was Facebook Suppose To Be?


In 2005, Young Zuckerberg had a narrow vision for Facebook. “I mean, I just really want to see everyone focus on college and make a really cool college directory product,” he told the interviewer. “There doesn’t necessarily have to be more…Part of making a difference and doing something cool is focusing intensely.” What do you think Facebook is? “I think Facebook is an online directory for colleges…If I want to get information… Read More

Interview With Mason: A Hip Hop Artist On The Come Up


So Mason how did you get started? I got started while doing laundry in college. I didn’t have anything to do while washing my clothes so I started writing songs.   At first it was more rock n roll but once I realized I couldn’t sing the songs became more and more hip-hop.       Did you always want to work in music or is this something you only discovered you… Read More

Interview with Thomas Frank: Creator Of College Info Geek

how to be a college blogger

  How did you get your inspiration to start CollegeInfoGeek? If you have ever been to a college you have seen the people who walk around giving tours of the university. I happened to have been one of those people at Iowa State University about two summers ago.   A major part of that job was learning everything there is to know about Iowa State University and college in general. We had… Read More

Interview w/ a Texas State University Freshman (Part Two)

Name: Niko Corbin Major: Pre-Major for Journalism Classification Freshman 1. Why did you pick Texas State University?  Where if any, other schools did you apply too? I chose Texas State because it had a nice atmosphere to it. I also applied to Sam Houston State and University of Houston, but in the end San Marcos just seemed like a better place to write. 2. How different is college from high school? What would… Read More

Interview w/ a Texas State University Freshman I (Part 1)


Name: Alec P. Sias Major: Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering) Alec studying at the library. 1. Why did you pick Texas State University?  Where if any, other schools did you apply too? I picked Texas Statue University because they had the exact major that I wanted to start a career with (Computer Engineering) and it was the only campus I visited and it’s a very nice and pretty campus. I didn’t apply to… Read More

Bright Academia: Texas State University


To help students, college as well as high school seniors looking forward to a new university, Bright Futura presents Bright Academia. Bright Academia is a fusion of student reviews of their own university and basic need to know information regarding your campus. This weeks campus is Texas State University. Below is a set of information you should know about Texas State University followed by links to interviews from actual students at the… Read More

Interview with Tom Lohrmann: Singer/Songwriter/Student

Screen shot 2012-01-25 at 8.16.15 PM

Who is Tom Lohrmann? I am from Vienna Virginia and I am in a band called Tom Lohrmann.   How did you get your start? I started by just writing songs and doing acoustic open mics. After doing that for a while, it got to the point where I needed a backing band for full sessions and different shows.   Did you start in college or in high school? I started playing… Read More

Interview With Julian Howard: Ohio Univ Entrepreneur


Becoming an entrepreneur is a difficult step for most people for multiple reasons. Many students fantasize about starting their own clothing brands, Julian Howard (Ohio University) actually did. In order to understand just how he and his partner Jonathan Knoffer (Kansas City Art Institute) surmounted their fears, Bright Futura decided to pick Julian’s brain. How did you get started? Basically my friend Jonathan is a graphic designer and he came to me… Read More

Interview With SoNcier: A College Hip Hop Artist [mp3]


Go ahead an introduce yourself for those who may not have heard of you. This is SoNcier Da Hero, I reside in Virginia at this time. And I am an up-and-coming hip hop artist. What kind of topics do you rap about? I discuss everything from hating my job to wanting money, to sexy, to just everything across the board. I like to rap about the good and evil and especially about… Read More