The Entourage Guide to College: Group Projects


Entourage features 4 best friends trying to make it in Hollywood, though it lost it’s allure in the final few seasons, there is still some good we can draw from it in regards to learning not just how to make it in Hollywood, but making it in college. They’re all young men trying to make their way in the real world, and as students you too are going through the same experiences… Read More

GroupMe: Kick ass group project tool! [vid]


We’ve all tried, time and time again, to get a study group or group project together. In my experience, it’s a lot email, phone, and Facebook exchanging that result often in one or two barely populated meetings.These meetings are usually comprised of a lot of waiting for people to arrive and excuses as to why people have to leave. No more lonely group project meetings! But don’t despair things are about to… Read More

10 Ways to Maximize Your Group Projects


For those that prefer to work alone because they can “do it better and faster,” a group project might be a nightmare. There seems to always be that kid who does absolutely nothing yet skates by with the same, undeserving grade as you. But have no fear because we’ve researched ten tips for maneuvering yourself to get the most out of working with a group.