The Ultimate Guide To Being Gluten Free In College

gluten free in college

The number one question on every Gluten Free intolerant College students mind is  “How the hell am I going to eat?” ” How the fuck am I going to have a social life?” But remember you aren’t allergic to artificial light or water. Sure Gluten Intolerance sucks but it could be worse.  So suck it up and lets survive college dining like champs. The aim of this article is to not only… Read More

5 Ways To Stay Healthy During the Holidays


Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Why? Because it’s a holiday that is essentially dedicated to food. And I well who doesn’t love food. Yes, I know, we’re supposed to be giving thanks and thinking about Dead Native Americans, but I’m really just looking forward to some Candied Yams (can I get a witness). There are just a few problems with all this. The holiday season tempts us to go way… Read More

NYU Student Chef: Easy To Make Japanese Teriyaki Burgers


If you are tired of getting the same old burgers each time you go out to eat, try this easy recipe for a change: Japanese teriyaki burgers. By making your own teriyaki sauce, you can have a fresh-tasting and low-calorie sauce at the same time. Japanese Teriyaki Burgers from Washington Square News on Vimeo.

Confessions Of A College Food Addict: My Freshman 18


I gained 18 pounds my freshman year. Sure, it didn’t help that I lived in the dorm right above the food court or that my first semester happened to coincide with the month Papa John’s started taking student IDs.

How To Stay Fit At College: Dining Hall Dilemma


IN COLLEGE, STUDENTS DO A LOT OF READING. FROM ARISTOTLE TO THE FOUNDING FATHERS to Adam Smith, we spend a good deal of time turning pages and highlighting important facts worth remembering. Yet, there is something we very rarely take the time to read and consider: nutrition labels’ serving sizes.

Disease Threatens Banana


By Nicholas St. Fleur Bananas are America’s favorite fresh fruit. Every year Americans eat more of them than apples and oranges combined. But unlike apples, for which there are Granny Smiths, Red Delicious, Fuji, among others, and oranges, which are members of the citrus family, there is only one banana variation readily found in American markets: the Cavendish.