12 Things College Students Don’t Need


Of course, not all students’ needs are the same — students in medical studies, for example, may not require might need a powerful computer while students engineering and computer science may. But, generally speaking, here are 12 expenses campus life doesn’t absolutely require: 12 Things College Students Don’t Need   1. New textbooks Never ever ever buy a new textbook from the box store. While the convenience may be tempting you honestly… Read More

Dorm Room Alternative: Mobile Home for One Person


IF YOU ALREADY CAN’T STAND YOUR ROOMMATE CONSIDER THIS  small one person camper designed by Cornelius Comanns from Germany. The Bufalino vehicle is based on the Piaggio APE 50 tricycle. It comes with folding bed, small kitchen, desk, and plenty of storage compartments. Would You Live In This Rather Than Live With Your Roommates?