The Biology Of Sex: Rutgers Univ Study

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Let me just get this out of the way upfront: I had an orgasm in a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner. That is, as background research for my book, “Dirty Minds: How our brains influence love, sex and relationships,” I participated in a study at Rutgers University where scientists measured the activity in my brain as I self-stimulated to an orgasm. I wasn’t the first woman to participate in one of… Read More

Would You Sign Up For A One-Way Ticket To Mars? (vid)


(Cara Santa Maria) Right now is a pretty incredible time to be alive. We live in an era when science fiction is becoming science fact, all around us, right before our eyes. And with the spirit of discovery, innovation, and progress, we have turned our sights upward–outward, and we see Mars.