Alex Kenjeev: Paid Off $114,460 Of Student Loans In Cash

student pays off loan in cash

Who loves student loans!!! Anyone… anyone at all? Didn’t think so. Well Alex Kenjeev did like them either. Who’s Alex Kenjeev you ask? Enter Alex Kenjeev Alex Kenjeev is just your everyday average BAMF. Alex in 2009 graduate from the University of Toronto with his law degree (first bad ass accomplishment). Alex Kenjeev’s second bad ass achievement happened last week. What did Alex Kenjeev do? Nothing much, just paid off his remaining $114,460… Read More

Are You Ready To Handle A Credit Card?


So, kid, you want to become independent? Good! You want to get a job? Great! You want to move out on your own? Nice! You want to get a credit card? Hang on there, pal! Now you’re talking about something serious. Yes, you need to build a credit history. But what level of responsibility is best? Credit card? Debit card? Credit Union?  Before you fill out that credit application, Take This Quiz… Read More

Ron Paul Defends Eventual End To Federal Student Loans


(CNN) – Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Sunday his proposed plan to phase out federal student loans would lower the costs of a college education, making it more affordable for those wanting to attend. “Anybody who’s ambitious enough will get to go to college,” Paul said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” The Texas congressman, who is making his third presidential bid, said federally funded education assistance raises the price of… Read More

Obama’s Student Loan Plan Guide


WASHINGTON — Recognizing that college students and recent graduates are facing rising tuition prices and burdensome student loan debt, President Barack Obama announced a plan that seeks to lessen the burden of paying back student loans. Some questions and answers about student loans: The cost of a full credit load has passed $8,000 – an all-time high.

8 Myths About Financial Aid College Students Need to Know


Let’s face it, money is tight. Which means it is more important than ever that we as college students be aware of all financial aid opportunities available. According to Online Graduate Programs, there are eight highly perpetuated myths that are keeping college students from receiving funding that they might be entitled to. Luckily for us they’ve put these eight myths into an easy-to-read infographic below.