No Class: January 29, 2012


Every Sunday Bright Futura will feature all the funny, witty, irrelevant, and nonsensical, gifs, videos, pictures and images that we have found and or made from the week. We will be putting all this extreme amusement in a post called No Class. For those students who use Bright Futura as a resource for informational articles and interesting college news coverage, please be advised that No Class is not for you. Commence the… Read More

Interview With SoNcier: A College Hip Hop Artist [mp3]


Go ahead an introduce yourself for those who may not have heard of you. This is SoNcier Da Hero, I reside in Virginia at this time. And I am an up-and-coming hip hop artist. What kind of topics do you rap about? I discuss everything from hating my job to wanting money, to sexy, to just everything across the board. I like to rap about the good and evil and especially about… Read More

How Hard Is It For A PhD To Find A Job?

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A consequence of the “Great Recession,” states across the country have been mired in debt and forced to make dramatic cuts to higher education. As funding for higher education constricts, fewer tenure track academic positions for recent graduates are opening as universities increasingly turn to economically cheaper adjunct and part-time professors to instruct their ballooning classes. Amid this reduction in the demand for PhDs is the fact that the United States is… Read More

College Students On The Presidential Race [Infographic]

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What do college students want out of the presidential elections? Are they really as apathetic as everyone claims? What issues do they care about? Our friends at CampusLIVE found out and made a handy infographic about it. Enjoy below!   via huffingtonpost

Student Review Of Jack Johnson’s Christmas Album


It’s getting to be that time of year again. Mounds of mallows topping off mugs of hot cocoa, well-placed mistletoe dangling overhead, and the same Christmas songs you hear every damn December. But not now. Not this year. Not with This Warm December. Jack Johnson and Co. are back again with their second album chalked full of classics for the holidays, both new and old. If you love “Frosty the Snowman,” then… Read More

Best Fictional Institutions And Universities


When you consider famous fictional colleges, titles like Animal House or Revenge of the Nerds immediately come to mind. Here’s the thing, though: Faber College wasn’t nearly as exceptional as John Belushi’s zit impression. Adams College was little more than the stage on which the nerds took their heavily-suspendered stand. Here are some nonexistent schools that stand out for their campuses, faculty, and institutional achievements.

5 College Basketball Players Primed for a Big Season

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WE ARE ONLY ABOUT A MONTH AWAY FROM THE TIP-OFF OF COLLEGE BASKETBALL IN WHAT LOOKS TO BE THE ONLY HOOPS WE WILL SEE THIS WINTER. Last year, the country witnessed the Naismith Player of the Year race come down to two players: UConn’s Kemba Walker and BYU’s Jimmer Fredette. Jimmer eventually prevailed by winning the trophy, but Kemba won his team a ring. Which players are primed for an outstanding season… Read More

For-profit colleges adopt new self-regulation standards


Most of these standards are based on existing federal and state rules to improve transparency and disclosure. New steps include a free 21-day trial for students before they decide to take up a course with the college. About 17 percent of the for-profit colleges have signed up for this, a spokesman for the Foundation for Educational Success, which represents these colleges, said in an e-mail to Reuters.

Aspiring doctors hope to change lives, better communities

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By Brooke McCloud In 2010, an earthquake in Haiti left the country hailing for hope and health care. International aid flew to the scene, including a team of doctors from Lexington. Over the course of a month, Dr. Pat Duff, an anesthetist, and his team formed a close bond with Haitian high schools students.