Is The Amazing Spider-Man Worth Your Money?

review of the amazing spiderman

Today we are going to answer a few questions: ‘Is The Amazing Spider-man worth my money and time?’ & ‘How can I watch this movie using as little of my money as possible?’. We will get down to the bone marrow of this movie and savings to watch it.   First lets begin by establishing a few important points. One, the stories found in yesterday’s and todays comics are far more interesting… Read More

Brick: Bright Futura Movie Club

Brick - Bright Futura Movie Club

Brick “(Tolkein’s) descriptions of things are really good. He makes you wanna be there.” -The Pin PLOT BREAKDOWN Up and coming director and star duo Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt team up for the first time in this high school neo-noir, drug fueled, murder mystery. Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a smart and determined high school loner, suspects that his ex-girlfriend had fallen in with the wrong crowd after their recent break-up. In order… Read More

Bright Futura Movie Club: If You Could Only See One!


For most of us, dropping the cash to see all these up-and-coming amazing new blockbusters is like getting an overall G.P.A of 4.0 (possible but unlikely). So because money is tight, we at Bright Futura decided to create a one question multiple choice quiz. Honor Code: Any cheating and you will be sent to the imaginary honor code committee in my mind. You’ve be warned. Question #1 Which of the following would… Read More

Bright Futura Movie Club: Chronicle (2012)


After lecture is over and class lets out, Bright Futura Movie Club (#BFMC) begins. We at Bright Futura are dimming the lights on your busy academic schedule so you can veg out and rant or rave about the featured movie of the month. Did it royally suck? Was it incredible? Did you even bother to see it?   Trailer For Chronicle Let us know in the comments below.