Free App Makes Creating Notecards Stupid Easy Yo!


Ok, so basically making flash cards takes time, and time doesn’t grow on trees, right? Of course it doesn’t idiot. You might know that apples are the things that grow on tree’s if you used StudyBlue. What is StudyBlue you ask? Ahh lemme tell you young honey child. What is it? StudyBlue is a cute widdle webapp that lets you create bad ass muthaf***ing digital flash cards directly from notes you take… Read More

Don’t Be Stewpid: Professional Proofreading By Kibin

kibin copy

Your terms paper is due on Thursday and guess what it’s worth 50% of your grade. My guess is that you probably want to get that baby proofread. You can ask Larry, your roommate who has been going on a 2 week Minecraft binge OR you can get it proofread by some pros!   Ultimately, it is your choice. If you think Larry the roommate can handle it than be my guest…. Read More

Find Your Cave And Brace Yourself For Exams

cave people

Every great hero has had their own fortress of solitude. Batman has the Batcave, the Teen Titans have Titan Tower, the X-men have Xavier’s Mansion and you… well you have your dorm, I guess? But we all know that during periods of intense studying we need a super secret fortress that can protect us from loud annoying roommates, and other trouble-some distractions. Before things get to crazy and all the good spots… Read More

When I Was In College: DeMarco Murray

Dallas Cowboys, DeMarco Murray, NFL, University of Oklahoma

Dallas Cowboys all-star running back and graduate of the University of Oklahoma, DeMarco Murary sits down to talk about his favorite college memories. From his favorite women’s studies class, to dating his football coaches niece and more.

GroupMe: Kick ass group project tool! [vid]


We’ve all tried, time and time again, to get a study group or group project together. In my experience, it’s a lot email, phone, and Facebook exchanging that result often in one or two barely populated meetings.These meetings are usually comprised of a lot of waiting for people to arrive and excuses as to why people have to leave. No more lonely group project meetings! But don’t despair things are about to… Read More

8 Must Know Tips For Multiple Choice Tests


Multiple choice exams scary some people however given the right approach they can be your best friend. Below I have outlined 8 Must Know Tips For Multiple Choice Tests. If followed crushing your exam should be a piece of cake. 1. Reading the answers first See if there are any answers hat just stand out. Then read the question. Sometime you can eliminate answers just by simple reasoning.   2. Eliminate answers… Read More

LeechBlock: Save Yourself From Time Sucking Sites Online


Even though that report is due by the end of the day, you spent the last two hours stalking friends on facebook and watching Key and Peele YouTube clips because you are weak and lack self control. Worry not for you are not alone. You much like many of us just can’t help yourself. So if you regularly find yourself clicking around Facebook, keyboard covered in drool, when you’re supposed to be… Read More

Study Before Bed for Significantly Better Retention

how to study for an exam

It’s not news that sleep is tied to learning—even a 90-minute nap can significantly help boost your brain power—but if you want to cement new knowledge in your brain, recent sleep research demonstrates that a good night’s sleep shortly following your studies has a significant impact on your ability to retain information. The study in question asked participants to memorize related word pairs (e.g., circus – clown) and unrelated word pairs (e.g.,… Read More

The 8 Stages of Staying Up All Night (College Humor)


We have all had too much to study in not enough time. Which leaves us with only two options, sleep or success. For most BAMFs out there all nighters become our solution. The great people at college humor have decided to illustrate this with a series of hilarious comics.  Check some of them out below.     via collegehumor Remember to follow Bright Futura on Facebook, Twitter, or you can subscribe to our RSS feed.

10 Ways to Have A Study Sessions Like A Pro


Studying alone for many is challenging and often times boring. This is because many people spend their valuable time staring a their books and notes for hours hoping that somehow the material will be absorbed into your head.  So, rather than allowing you to continue to waste your time studying inefficiently, I have put together a list of  10 ways you can establish a study session routine that utilizes any or all… Read More