Create a Bedroom Out of Thin Air!

By: Capreek
created at: 02/09/2011

What’s more shocking to me, other than the fact that this studio apartment was transformed into a one bedroom, is how much bigger it looks after!  It’s magic, I tell you.  Magic (and lots of hard work).

created at: 02/09/2011

The 22-year-old apartment dweller and first-time renovator couldn’t imagine having his bed in the middle of his living room, so he set about finding an affordable solution.  Enter IKEA.  Using cupboard doors from the PAX collection, our DIYer created a bedroom out of thin air (and buckets of sweat).  The result, I think you’ll agree, is pretty dang impressive.

created at: 02/09/2011

He left room for a small clothing space at one end and put the walls to good use above the bed: floating shelves hold books, art, and other objects.  My favorite detail, of course, is the giant Resevoir Dogs painting on the wall.  For more info on how he pulled this off, read his submission on IKEA Hackers.before

Photo credit: IKEA Hackers

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