Student Review Of ‘Arthur Christmas’

This guy’s going to save Christmas. He’s going to need a miracle.

This jolly film brings a fresh look at the man, the myth, the legend: Santa Claus!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. December 1st means that the weather is getting colder, the snow is quickly approaching, and that Christmas cheer is in the air. I heard Christmas songs on the radio before Thanksgiving was even over, so why not start the Christmas festivities on Thanksgiving too? That is what Arthur Christmas had in mind when it hit theaters on November 23rd. This jolly film brings a fresh look at the man, the myth, the legend: Santa Claus! But what if one present wasn’t delivered with the others on Christmas Eve? That is the problem that the youngest Claus, Arthur, has to fix! Along with Grandsanta and a wrapping elf named Bryony, it is up to Arthur to save one special girl’s Christmas!

I stopped believing in Santa Clause around the time that everybody else did. It was a hard Christmas that year. However, what set me apart from the other kids in school was that I still wanted to believe.

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Christmas has a hundred different meanings, each unique to the individual. For me, it has always been about the warm, excited feeling that you get on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come bring you presents for being a good boy. Every year, I know in my head that I just forward the link of the present I want to my parents. But in my heart, I know that Santa brings this special season to life. For this reason, I fell in love with Arthur Christmas.

Christmas has landed.

When Grandsanta is a bitter old man who won’t conform to the latest technologies available in elf transportation and present deportation, and Santa is just tired and becoming lazier at his (only) job (for one night a year), you would think that the heir to the sleigh (now a giant space craft) would fill the boots of his forefathers and bring fresh Christmas joy to the children. That Claus is Steve, voiced by Hugh Laurie (House). However, he turns out to be an uptight control freak who only finds joy in completing the daunting task of going to every child’s house in the world in 19 hours. He doesn’t care for the children in them. Thankfully the youngest son Arthur, voiced by James McAvoy (Wanted, X-Men: First Class) is the only nice Claus among the many naughty ones. He knows the true meaning of Christmas and understands the responsibility of being a Claus. Giving gifts to children and making Christmas morning the happiest morning of their year is what makes Arthur warm inside on Christmas. He never gave up on Christmas, just like I never will.

Arthur Christmas Official Trailer

Filled with lots of laughs, new hope, old traditions and Christmas cheer, this movie will have you counting down the remaining days until Christmas!

I’ll Give an A-

Release Date: Nov. 23rd

Rating: PG

Runtime: 97 min.

Alex Dodson | Bright Futura Columnist

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  2. I would like to see Arthur once again in the 3D Christmas. It is a fascinating visual effect that you would never forget to experience. After watching this official trailer, I couldn’t stop laughing. I spent almost two hours laughing about it with my wife.

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