Bright Futura’s Netflix Club: Robotropolis


Robotropolis Robotropolis Finds an Innovative Way to Tell a Tired Story “I love it. It’s like totally awesome. Come on, it’s robots! Doesn’t get any better than that, right?” Plot Breakdown In a movie where the narrative is told through a news broadcast format for over 50% of the run time, the interviewees become just as important to the story as the camera guys, producers and anchors. About ten minutes into Robotropolis,… Read More

5 Biggest Snubs of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards

The Guy Who Does 5

Back in the day, the entertainment industry was run by dusty old white men who scoffed at the notion of motion pictures being considered both art and entertainment (unfortunately, not much has changed since then). To counteract this ludicrous notion, in 1992, MTV started their own version of the Academy Awards called the MTV Movie Awards which was completely decided by the fan’s vote. The stars were awarded Golden Popcorn trophies in… Read More

Grade The Avengers: Was It An A+ Movie?

grade the world

Why should teachers have all the fun? Grade The World lets you as the student fight back and grade the things around you. Everything from box of smashes to hot tech items and apps.       Maximillian Garland| Bright Futura Columnist Remember to follow Bright Futura on Facebook, Twitter, or you can subscribe to our RSS feed.

SongKick Review: Put A Concert In Your Pants


Songkick is the undisputed king of music events. Started in 2007 and on the rise, SongKick is a website that allows you to track your favorite bands the same way your parent’s track and monitor you the first time you left for college. By tracking your favorite bands you can never miss the next great concert. With Songkick you can keep 100,000 concerts in your pants pocket, and never miss your favorite band…. Read More

Amway vs College: 9 Most Common Questions


Given the crisis surrounding college debt, it is no surprise that people are starting to toy with the idea of doing Amway rather than going to/finishing college. However, before you decided one way or the other, pretty PLEASE  (with sugar on top) read this post outlining almost everything you’ll need to know about the company. For those of you who don’t know what Amway is, I encourage you to at least give… Read More

Drinkify: Listen Responsibly


Drinkify: Listen Responsibly If you like: 1). The Internet  2). Music and 3). Drinking then this site is for you. It’s called Drinkify:  A website that allows you to type in the artist you want to listen to, plays their music, and matches it with an accompanying cocktail recipe. This is quite an amazing site and the drinks actually go well with the music. You know how old people will drink wine… Read More

App Self-Destructs Sexts After Ten Seconds

sexting app

If you haven’t heard of sexting then you probably aren’t sexting. Not sexting may not be a bad thing though. While there are many perks to sexting with people you are interested in, it is important to consider the consequences of sexting. Related: Top 5 Consequences of Sexting Typically when sexting your biggest concern is that the person you sent the sext to may mistakenly or intentionally share it with his or… Read More

This Spray Will Get You Instantly Drunk

original copy

I don’t know when the WA|HH Quantum Sensations spray is coming to the United States, but it’s not coming soon enough. Created by the French American scientist David Edwards, It gets you drunk for a few seconds with no aftereffects. Why? I don’t know why, but I want to try it anyway. Each dose—administered with a device designed by Philippe Starck—will give you only 0.075 milliliters of alcohol. Edwards claims that, thanks… Read More

Sell Your Broken Smart Phones For Cash Moneys


Oh fuck! The sound heard across campus when some innocent (most likely drunk) soul drops their iPhone. Did you get the insurance bro? NOPE. Because obviously you’re a genius! Hell you’re in college right!? There there fella, I gotya. Don’t you worry. I mean sure you’re a broke student and you essentially just destroyed a $600 piece of equipment that you rely on for nearly every aspect of your life. And sure… Read More

Student Review: Why Iron Man Was Better Than The Avengers


(little to no spoilers) “You’re going to lose. It’s in your nature.” Halfway through The Avengers, Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) is pointing a giant gun at the villainous Loki (Tom Hiddleston). Coulson, the only ordinary man in this film filled with spies, assassins, demi-gods, super heroes and aliens, is also the only one who knows how this film is going to end. He states it very clearly to the antagonist, seemingly offering… Read More