SongKick Review: Put A Concert In Your Pants

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Songkick is the undisputed king of music events. Started in 2007 and on the rise, SongKick is a website that allows you to track your favorite bands the same way your parent’s track and monitor you the first time you left for college. By tracking your favorite bands you can never miss the next great concert.

With Songkick you can keep 100,000 concerts in your pants pocket, and never miss your favorite band.

songkick review

Songkick takes advantage of every avenue of social media to keep you posted on the bands near you including:


Below is a brief Songkick review

What does Songkick Provide?

Songkick review

^ What the hell is an Arcade Fire? Jk, they won a grammy you should see them in concert.

Essentially Songkick provides you with your own personalized database that keeps you updated on all shows you might be interested in.

And best of all  by scanning your itunes library Songkick will help create a schedule of bands and artist coming to town.


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1. Does SongKick have a mobile app?

Umm.. yes. With SongKick app you can check on future concerts just as easy as you can send a sext  I mean… text.

And guess what its FREE!

ShamelessSelf Promotion: TOP 5 CONSEQUENCES OF SEXTING


2. Songkick’s Facebook App

songkick review

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3. SongKick on Wikipedia

Songkick provides two core services. It allows users to track bands and receive alerts when those bands play concerts near the user’s favorite locations. The site lists more than 100,000 upcoming concerts. It also provides more than 2,000,000″gigographies” which are listings of historical concerts with user contributed data including reviews, set lists, videos and photographs.- Wikipedia

4. Videos On SongKick

Songkick is definitely for the music lover in all of us. With it’s personalized databases and social media connections it’s impossible to miss out on your favorite band.

Songkick review

Don't let this be you! And if it is you, then you can stay home, listen to music and drink with drinkify.


Oh Don’t Mind Me: Drinkify: Listen Responsibly 


Songkick simplified

If you have one of these:


You’ll never miss one of these:



Have you used Songkick? What did you like or hate about it?


 Leon Langford | Bright Futura Columnist

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  1. Very cool app! My head is a mess. I always forget concert dates and wake up too late. This is great for me!

  2. I love that it's on Facebook too. I'm on Facebook practically all day so it makes it so much more effctive

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  6. It allows users to track bands and receive alerts when those bands play concerts near the user’s favorite locations. The site lists more than 100,000 upcoming concerts.

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