Dorm Room Upgrade: The Post-It Note Desk


Designer Miguel Mestre’s My Desk invites your scatter brain antics into your dorm room by turning the your entire work surface into a sticky notepad. The 3.5-foot by 2.3-foot desk (priced upon request) comes fitted with paper of the same size. The desk doesn’t have any drawers—who needs those when all the paper you’ll ever need is right there on your desk? Make me a post-it that reminds me to get this… Read More

10 Ways To Self-Motivate And Get Your Life On Track


Do you find yourself stuck on a plateau and growing bored of the same routine? Are you angered by or jealous of the success of others? Here are some tips on how you can reclaim your life and reach those goals you have been hoping to attain. It is a fact that the happier you are with your own success, the less likely you will foster hatred for the successful. Familiarize yourself… Read More

Find Your Cave And Brace Yourself For Exams

cave people

Every great hero has had their own fortress of solitude. Batman has the Batcave, the Teen Titans have Titan Tower, the X-men have Xavier’s Mansion and you… well you have your dorm, I guess? But we all know that during periods of intense studying we need a super secret fortress that can protect us from loud annoying roommates, and other trouble-some distractions. Before things get to crazy and all the good spots… Read More

10 Ways to Have A Study Sessions Like A Pro


Studying alone for many is challenging and often times boring. This is because many people spend their valuable time staring a their books and notes for hours hoping that somehow the material will be absorbed into your head.  So, rather than allowing you to continue to waste your time studying inefficiently, I have put together a list of  10 ways you can establish a study session routine that utilizes any or all… Read More

6 Simply Ways To Wake Up Ready Like A BAMF


Do you wake up and jump out of bed … or do you linger under the covers, smacking “snooze” on the alarm clock? Do you get a smooth, energizing start to your day … or do you have a mad rush to get everything together before you head out to work? So the folks at dolittleman put together a list of  6 Simply Ways To Wake Up Ready Like A BAMF  … Read More

5 Ways to Get Work Done without Actually Working

Everyone is aware that our college work habits are vital to our success. But most don’t realize that our non-work habits are as well. Believe it or not, there are a few ways to use your free time to your advantage. Below are 5 non-work activities that will help you get more work done without actually having to do work.   #1 Socialize If you’re the type to spend weekends slaving over… Read More

How Not To Be Productive During Winter Break


There are a lot of articles on the web about how to be productive during a holiday break but this is an article about how NOT to be productive during the holiday break. 1. SLEEP ALL DAY Sure the holiday break is a great time to catch up on some much needed sleep but there should be a limit. Myself not being a morning person, I know that sleeping late is one… Read More

Use Your Snooze Alarm to Stay On Task in the Morning

digital alarm clock

While staying in bed and snoozing your alarm will certainly make you late for work, reader Mythimna shows us how you can use it to keep you moving quickly in the morning. Instead of snoozing your alarm while staying in bed, snooze it as you run around the house getting ready to leave: If you have trouble staying on task in the morning, don’t turn off your alarm. Just hit snooze. Each… Read More

7 To-Do List Tips That Will Change Your Life


To-Do Lists are the only thing keeping me sane throughout crazy semesters full of nightly reading, papers, tests, and projects. Now that I’m going on my fourth year as a college undergraduate student, I’ve learned what things make a To-Do List helpful rather than a list that can actually be a hindrance to progress.