Prizes For The Runnur Contest

If you win the runnur contest (you totally will), then you’ll receive an amazing Amazon Gift card for $100, a pair of super cool black Bright Futura Sunglasses, a Bright Futura “You Are Not A Loan” Organic Cotton T shirt, a super amazing Runnur bag and the biggest hug you’ve ever seen.


1. A $100 Amazon Gift Card

2. Bright Futura Sunglasses

Bright Futura Sunglasses

(Buy A Pair And Help Support The Save A Poor College Student Foundation)

3. You Are Not A Loan Tee Shirt

Bright Futura T Shirt

(Buy A Shirt And Support The Save A Poor College Student Foundation)

4. A Runnur

(Buy The Runnur at


5. The Biggest Hug You’ve Ever Experienced!

big hug


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