5 Things To Look For in a College Roommate

college roommate

Finding a new roommate can be quite stressful. You’re basically auditioning for a new friend who will be meters from where you sleep. If you already live in a property, you’re inviting someone into your personal space and you may still be getting over losing your previous roommate. Most find the whole process very awkward and don’t know what to ask, or how to choose. If it comes down to two great… Read More

5 Things Disney Can Teach You About The World

what disney tells us about the world

Cartoons haven’t always taught me right from wrong cough* Itchy and Scratchy cough* but that doesn’t mean they haven’t taught me anything. In fact I have learned a great deal about the world from cartoons especially those created by Disney and Pixar.   1. Haters On The Prowl I find it wildly annoying to hear about people’s imaginary haters. Particularly when they aren’t necessarily doing anything to  deserve people’s envy. However; haters… Read More

5 Things Batman Can Teach You About College

what batman can teach you about college

(Warning Contains Minor Spoilers: But if you haven’t seen TDK by now you should just quit at life.) 1. Have A Plan That Makes Sense And Works. There were plenty of examples in this film of poor planning and lack of a strategy — For instances When Commissioner Gordon sends all of his cops underground. Seriously… very dumb! Or when Batman being as out of shape as he was, goes to face… Read More

12 Things College Students Don’t Need


Of course, not all students’ needs are the same — students in medical studies, for example, may not require might need a powerful computer while students engineering and computer science may. But, generally speaking, here are 12 expenses campus life doesn’t absolutely require: 12 Things College Students Don’t Need   1. New textbooks Never ever ever buy a new textbook from the box store. While the convenience may be tempting you honestly… Read More

Dorm Room Upgrade: The Post-It Note Desk


Designer Miguel Mestre’s My Desk invites your scatter brain antics into your dorm room by turning the your entire work surface into a sticky notepad. The 3.5-foot by 2.3-foot desk (priced upon request) comes fitted with paper of the same size. The desk doesn’t have any drawers—who needs those when all the paper you’ll ever need is right there on your desk? Make me a post-it that reminds me to get this… Read More

Bored In Class: Play Gameboy Online For Free


When you’re bored in class, eyelids are heavy, and the teacher’s drone is putting you to sleep faster than that mixed drink your friend gave you last weekend, here is something to keep you awake. Bright Futura Presents:   Bored In Class: Play Gameboy Online For Free If you were born in the 88-90’s era like me and actually grew up with a childhood where the simple things mattered to you, can you… Read More

It Is About Time You Learned How To Use Google


People often ask me, How’d you learn how to do _________? To which I often reply with something snarky or sarcastic. Scenario__________________________________________________ Friend/Person: Hey Max, how did you learn how to use Craigslist to sell things?   Me: Well, I gave Craig a call… telepathically. When our spirits connected in the netherworld, Craig was able transfer his memories and understanding of his website via a magical high five. @ _ @  … Read More

Do The Lines On Red Solo Cup Mean Something?

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According to the red solo cup graphic below going across the inter webs, the lines on a Solo cup actually mean something. Apparently, people are only now learning to read between the lines The bottom line is an appropriate serving for liquor: 1 ounce. The middle line marks 5 ounces: the serving size for wine. And the next line is a perfect serving for beer. However despite this awesome convenient little measuring… Read More

6 Reasons You Should Take A Gap Year

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Being bad ass in high school can really burn you out. So it isn’t surprising that many students are opting to take a gap year before going off to college. After AP, IB, SAT, and ACT exams its pretty understandable that students might feel a tiny bit tired. For a long time the gap year was some what frowned upon but within recent years it has been gaining support from major institutions…. Read More

7 Wild Things You Can Do On Campus For Free


Living on campus is a blast, this is especially if you are a part of clubs and campus organizations. However every campus has its lulls in fun activities. When things on campus get dry and boring it is important to mix things up. And while we would all like to get other there and do any and all activities, funds are usually low. So below I have put together a list of… Read More