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Online vs. Traditional College Classes: 10 pros & 10 Cons

Online classes are mostly preferred by those who wish to advance their careers.

10 Advantages of Online Classes

1. Easy Enrollment

The program offers a variety of degrees in online colleges. Professionals have the opportunity to choose from a variety of courses offered online.  Students are presented with the opportunity to choose what suits them. Enrolling in a variety of levels is possible.

2.Tuition Costs

Online classes are less costly. Tuition fee is relatively less compared with traditional classes. Tuition fees can at times be high but overall cost implications are less because there is no commuting, buying textbooks, accommodation and doing assignments.

3. Convenience

Online classes are time saving because students are not required to sit in the classroom. Lectures and learning tasks are electronically transmitted making it probable for students to download and learn them at their convenience.

4. Flexibility

Learners are presented with the opportunity of choosing their study time. Learners are able to plan their study time alongside other daily activities as opposed to traditional classes. Learners are legible to learn when the opportunity is convenient and not the other way round as presented by traditional classes.

5.Self Paced

There is flexibility in completing assignments because schedule is not always strict. Students are allowed to work on assignments at their pace and submit when they finish.

6.Work life Balance

Online classes present the opportunity of balancing job and learning time. Professionals who wish to further their career are not forced to stop working.

7. Continued Learning

Online classes present professionals with the opportunity of getting informed of what is happening relevant to their job position. Online classes are central in keeping professionals continually updated.

8. Rain or Shine

Online classes make it possible for learners to avoid adverse weather conditions. For instance, snow and thunderstorm can distract normal learning in traditional classes.

9. Relevance

Online classes make it possible for students to study what they want to study specifically relevant to their professional demand.

10. Transfer Credits

Transfer of credit is possible as students can choose to earn credit from accredited college and transfer them depending on their choice.


10 Disadvantages of Online Classes

1. Time Requirement

Online classes require more time than traditional classes. Students spend more time in online environment trying to complete and submit assignments.

2. No Helpful Reminders

Online classes are central in making it easier for forgetfulness. Students are left with the opportunity to streamline their way of life because there is no one to remind them.

3. Lack of Structure

Online classes require good and working time management skills as opposed to traditional classes. Students of online classes are forced to come up with good time management skills to help them manage and finish assignment as required.


4. Studying Alone

Traditional classes present learners with interaction opportunity through physical contact but online classes present learners with elements of isolation. Studying alone is always terrifying and it narrows down scope of thinking. Students are denied the opportunity to share with colleagues.

5. Loneliness

Online classes make students to be independent and thus hard to incorporate group psychology in the professional arena. Studying alone makes it possible for students to believe in their own point of view.


6. Dangerous Amounts Of Freedom

Online classes give students more freedom more than they can handle. The freedom can be dangerous if not well handled. Students are likely not to complete their course due to much freedom given to them.


7.  Few Interactions With Course Instructor

Online students have no instructor to direct them on how to remain on track. Students are likely to get out of track for their entire study period due to lack of close follow up.


8. Self Study Can Equal No Study

Online classes present students with opportunity to choose their own study path. Students are bound to go astray.


9. Responsibility

Online classes require students to be responsible for their learning. Students are not forced to learn but learn as they wish.

1o. Good Luck Catching Up!

Online classes make it impossible to catch up. To be responsible for your studies and goals is difficult to many students.



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  1. Some of the wealthiest people in the world didn’t graduate from college, but this doesn’t mean that you should drop out too. Even though imagination and perseverance can be helpful in achieving your dreams, education is highly necessary.

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  3. This is good way to learn fast and in an effective way to student. Now-a-days students are following this trend. My student has been waiting for their kas 10th results.

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