NYU Student Chef: Easy To Make Japanese Teriyaki Burgers

If you are tired of getting the same old burgers each time you go out to eat, try this easy recipe for a change: Japanese teriyaki burgers. By making your own teriyaki sauce, you can have a fresh-tasting and low-calorie sauce at the same time.

Japanese Teriyaki Burgers from Washington Square News on Vimeo.

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  2. Agreed. I hate the idea of a USB dongle hanging out of my laptop which is why I havent doen it yet. At least a normal laptop usually has the option of using a PCMCIA card (which is more robust) – though this limits choice of network. I’m looking fwd to getting my eee pc, but will look seriously at getting something built in to allow truly mobile access.

  3. So much beauty on your trip (your boys and the scenery)! Dandelions grow everywhere here too, unfortunately, while on a walk with the kids today I saw someone spray chemicals all over his yard to kill them. I don’t see what’s so wrong with dandelions that someone has to have one bottle of chemical spray in each hand. They are part of nature and so beautiful! I love how excited my kids get about dandelions, no matter what stage the flower is at!

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