Bright Futura Movie Club: If You Could Only See One!


For most of us, dropping the cash to see all these up-and-coming amazing new blockbusters is like getting an overall G.P.A of 4.0 (possible but unlikely). So because money is tight, we at Bright Futura decided to create a one question multiple choice quiz. Honor Code: Any cheating and you will be sent to the imaginary honor code committee in my mind. You’ve be warned. Question #1 Which of the following would… Read More

Bright Futura Movie Club: Chronicle (2012)


After lecture is over and class lets out, Bright Futura Movie Club (#BFMC) begins. We at Bright Futura are dimming the lights on your busy academic schedule so you can veg out and rant or rave about the featured movie of the month. Did it royally suck? Was it incredible? Did you even bother to see it?   Trailer For Chronicle Let us know in the comments below.

‘Take Shelter': Review of Jeff Nichols Sophomore Film


TAKE SHELTER, the sophomore film from writer/director Jeff Nichols, whose previous film, Shotgun Stories, also starred Michael Shannon, is a dark psychological tale of Middle America and paranoia in a modern world. Prophetic phantasmagoria · The main character of Take Shelter, Curtis LaForche (Michael Shannon), is cursed with intense, prescient dreams that drive the film’s storyline, making the narrative a slow-burning psychological thriller grounded in a sense of tweaked realism. – Photo… Read More

MOVIE REVIEW: Contagion is more than the usual thriller


IMAGINE THE CHILLING PROSPECT OF A DEADLY PANDEMIC THROWING THE ENTIRE WORLD INTO CHAOS. In Contagion, Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh takes us on a high-pace cinematic experience depicting the emergence of a novel, highly contagious viral pathogen, and mankind’s dramatic struggle to contain the disease and find a cure.

So there’s this thing called The Avengers…


by Vicky Fryer Those of you of a less geeky disposition may be unaware of a project that has been unfolding in cinemas since 2008, a project which reaches its culmination next year with a superhero film that has the potential to change a great deal indeed: The Avengers. Quite simply, come early 2012, we will witness whether it is possible to join together several very different and reasonably successful films to make a larger and even… Read More

Review: ‘Fright Night’


By Eliana Carmona “Fright Night” lies somewhere between the genres of horror and comedy, a line difficult to walk.  Overdo the jokes and the entire movie becomes a farce; fail to be funny enough, and all you’ve made is a bad horror movie.  Surprisingly enough, though, “Fright Night” manages to toe that line with apparent ease, melding the genres to create a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience.