The Scary State of Student Debt [Inforgraphic]

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The state of student debt is downright horrifying. I know a lot of us simple avoid the idea of paying off our debts like the plague. So how scary is it? According the stats below 76% of young people surveyed believe it has gotten harder to afford college in the last five years. Only 21% of young people surveyed believe students graduate with a manageable amount of college loan debt. The average… Read More

Can Obama Make College Tuition Affordable?

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. — President Barack Obama says colleges and universities must be held accountable for the rising cost of higher education. Speaking at the University of Michigan, Obama says the government cannot just keep subsidizing student aid. He says every college and university must help make sure every American can afford a world class higher education. Obama wants to shift some federal funds away from colleges and universities that don’t control… Read More

Santorum: Obama’s education stance is ‘snobbery’

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Manchester, New Hampshire (CNN/Raelyn Johnson) – Rick Santorum called President Barack Obama’s education goals an agenda of “hubris” on Saturday, saying he is “outraged” that the president thinks “every child in America should go to college.“ “The hubris of this president to think that he knows what’s best for you […] This is the kind of snobbery that we see from those that think they know how to run our lives,” the… Read More