John McPheters’ Blueprint

“John McPheters helped bring the consignment model to footwear at Flight Club then struck out on his own with Stadium Goods, taking the company from conception to nine figures in just two years with no ceiling in sight.” – Complex

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Part I: Foundation

1. Acting Like You Belong

2. Play To Home Advantage

3. Utilize Relationships

4. Pitch Yourself

5. Steer Your Own Destiny

Part II: Second Story

1. Operate In Your Strength

2. Find Your Complement

3. Have Realistic Expectations

4. Know When To Pivot

5. Build Name Recognition

6. Treat People Right

7. Use Capital To Scale

Part III: Renovations

1. Go After What You Want

2. Find Commonalities

3. Run Your Race

4. Find Balance


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  1. thanks a lot its really very help full to me.. Very odd stuff going on with Google they don’t seem stable, do they?

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