Interview With Mason: A Hip Hop Artist On The Come Up

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So Mason how did you get started?

I got started while doing laundry in college. I didn’t have anything to do while washing my clothes so I started writing songs.


At first it was more rock n roll but once I realized I couldn’t sing the songs became more and more hip-hop.




Did you always want to work in music or is this something you only discovered you could do while doing laundry?

I actually only considered music while I was doing laundry. I wasn’t one of those people who had always dreamed of being a rapper or musician. I always loved music but I never wanted to work in music until I discovered I had a knack for it.


What did you study in college?

I was a psychology major for two years. I left when I decided I would pursue music whole heartedly.

Most people wait until after they graduate to begin their passion, how did you overcome that obstacle?

It wasn’t that difficult for me to overcome because I’m a pretty fearless person. It also helped to know that I was always really good at school. In high school I took my education very seriously and I did the same while attending college classes. School just wasn’t very tough for me personally.


I decided if I was going to go for something outside of education, I was going to do it now. I figured if I fail now, I could always go back to school afterwards. I don’t think it will ever be a problem for me. I also understood that more schooling wouldn’t get me that far in this business. I needed to build on it and take it seriously. I think it is a person-to-person thing though.


What kind of reaction did you get from your family?

I was actually really afraid to tell my parents. Education had been the center of my life for my entire life, so telling them was a big deal. Instead of telling them directly, I told them I wanted to transfer schools. So I continued taking classes at a community college for a while. Then after I had a couple tracks recorded, I presented it to them. I figured first impressions are everything and I wanted them to see how serious I was. And lucky for me they were very supportive.


Where does your content come from?

Life and I read a lot.


Who are you most influenced by?

Eminem. I have been listening to him since I was a kid. I remember when his videos would come out, I would watch them nonstop.  I’m talking hundreds of times. I love how he continues to evolve as a rapper.


What was touring like?

It’s been so fun. Seeing the fans reaction, the hands in to air, the cheering, it’s amazing. Even seeing those people who are reluctant to be into it and slowly winning them over is exhilarating. My friend has this saying, which is

“whatever part you’re doing in the music industry is the best part to you at the time; whether it is recording in the studio, writing, or touring and performing.”

When the music resonates with the audience honestly there is no other feeling like it.


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Who are you interested in collaborating with?

I’ve always wanted to work with Tom Chaplin or like Hayley Williams, but I would also want to work with some of the newer artists like J Cole and Big Sean. The list could go on forever.

Mason – Its On Now (Produced by Pretty Lights)


How do you feel about aspiring artists going to school before they start their music career; did it slow you down, did it help you?

For me personally, it slowed me down and it was a waste of money. But than again, would I have begun if I weren’t stuck at that laundry machine?

I think if you are not the type of person who is able to dream big and put every aspect of your life on hold to go after the music, than you shouldn’t do it. 

You can always go back to school. You can always take online courses. I mean, I’m not saying you shouldn’t get a high school diploma but at the same time you have to be willing to jump head on into it.


If you could give someone starting out some advice, what would you tell him or her? Did you have any regrets?

I don’t have any regrets; as for advice, I would say you need to stay humble. People in the industry can smell cockiness on you. Remember even if you are awesome there are tons of people who are even more awesome and still don’t make it. That is why it is so important for you to be polite and kind to people because you really never know who people can connect you to.  I would also say constantly work hard and write!



Outside of music who are you?

I’m pretty wild. I’m the kind of guy who goes a bit crazy at the bar and I’m very outspoken. Everyone who knows me also knows that I am a very friend oriented person.


If someone were just hearing you now, what song/mixtape would you recommend most?

‘The Rush’ is a single, which can be found on iTunes. The track is going to be on my debut album coming out under Doghouse Records. You can also check out my mixtape Looking Forword To The Future, which can be found at

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