Interview With Alex Theesfield: A High School Rapper Who Is Getting It All

How did your music career start?

My friends really put me onto Biggie & Tupac back in the day when I was a skateboarder. This was only 3 years ago though. But one day we were just skating around outside & it got too hot to be out, so we went to my friends house to chill. Us being huge Biggie fans, saw that Notorious the movie was on & we watched that. I had never seen it before, so after seeing that I was just so inspired to start rapping. I didn’t have the intent of actually recording until later on, but I started freestyling for fun after watching that film. A year later, I was inspired by D-Pryde to pick up a USB mic & start recording. It’s all history from there.

What has been your favorite part about making music?

My favorite part about making music has to be the people I’ve met. If it wasn’t for music I wouldn’t have a lot of the friends I currently have now. I’m thankful for that.

What are your plans for college?

I’m really interested in attending Columbia in Chicago for audio engineering & producing.

Has your school life affected your music life?

Of course. A ton of my school experiences have really influenced what I write about & how I producer a track.

Do you think your school life, social life, etc. greatly impact your music?

Definitely. My friends are the reason almost all my songs came out the way they did.

What has been the best benefit of making music?

The people I’ve met & the fact that I actually have fans. I was a hardcore skateboarder kid, I never thought I’d be making music & actually have people who care for me and want me to release new stuff. That’s just crazy to me.

Do you want to make music for your career?

I’d love to do that. But I really should be focusing on having an actual career, because music might not be the thing for me. You just never know what the future holds. Always good to be safe.

If no, what do you want to study?

Check #3

Who are you outside of music?

I’m just a normal kid from some little un-heard of suburbs. Haha. Not much of a party type person though. I just really like to chill & work on music. Making music is just so fun when you’re doing it with your friends.

Someone asks you what Alex Theesfield music you recommend. What is it?

A typical answer would be, “Swag On a Million”. Since that’s my most popular song at the moment. Usually, when someone asks me what song I would want them to listen to, I tell them to look up my albums. That way they have a large variety of songs & they’ll find the one they’ll like.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me, is kinda hard to tell. At the moment I’m trying to start up on a new mixtape. I don’t wanna self-produce it like I did with the last one, “Sunday”, I wanna go back to how I did, “Good Enough”, really just make an album like thing. Get a lot of producers on it & make full songs. Problem with that is, I have no funding towards that. For beats & whatnot. I actually want to get into a studio for this one too. So, hopefully that can come into effect. If not, I’m working on beats and I’m going to try and send those out to artists.


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