Idaho State Student Accused Of Shooting The White House

Authorities have described Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, the man who has been charged with attempting to assassinate President Obama, as a troubled man who had made threats against the president to friends.

Now, the public can witness Hernandez’s bizarre belief system firsthand, thanks to a lengthy video the Idaho native made as an audition tape for “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

Idaho television station KBOI posted the video, and reported that Secret Service agents had traveled to the eastern part of the state to retrieve it.

In the 20-minute clip, Hernandez, clad in a black-striped coat with a crucifix hanging from his neck, reads intently from a notebook.

“My name is Oscar Ortega, from Idaho Falls, Idaho, and I feel like I am the perfect candidate to get casted onto your show,” he begins, before launching into a freewheeling monologue that touches on everything from gang violence to guardian angels to drugs.

Ortega repeatedly expresses his deep displeasure with the American government.

“Our government deceives the American people so that us and the army can go steal other countries’ goods — oil,” Hernandez says. “I have never felt so sure I was sent here from God to lead the world to Zion,” he continues.

In keeping with the savior theme, Ortega goes on to cast himself as the modern-day Jesus in the closing moments of the video:

“You see, Oprah, there is still so much more that God needs me to express to the world. It’s not just a coincidence that I look like Jesus. I am the modern-day Jesus Christ that you all have been waiting for.”

New York magazine compiled a list of his 10 best lines from the video, which include such nuggets as, “I believe that everybody has a guardian angel that is a past relative that controls every human’s thoughts,” and “When humans party, they party hard.”

According to KBOI, the video was filmed by a student at Idaho State, where Hernandez was attending college:

The student who filmed the video, Ramon Bailey, said he randomly met Ortega-Hernandez at the gym. Ortega Hernandez approached Bailey and asked him to film a “commercial.” Bailey hesitated, but gave in when the phone calls wouldn’t stop.”

I don’t want to have an affiliation that I was like really good friends with this guy cause I wasn’t. I was just trying to be a nice college student trying to work towards a degree in my field and just trying to better myself but obviously it backfired,” Bailey said in a recent interview.

The taping disturbed Bailey so much he never edited it and did not return Ortega-Hernandez’s calls.

Authorities discovered this week that at least two bullets had hit the White House while the president was on vacation in California and Hawaii. One struck a window of the executive living quarters, but was stopped by ballistic glass; the Secret Service said the other “was found on the exterior of the White House.” Ortega was arrested on Wednesday and hit with the unusual charge of attempting to assassinate the president.

CNN reports that Ortega’s appearance and habits had recently changed, and that he had a history of run-ins with the law.

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