How Will You Survive The Wikipedia Blackout!?!

Millions of students, fact hunters and general knowledge buffs are set to receive a shockon Wednesday when the digital encyclopaedia Wikipedia shuts down for 24 hours in protest at internet piracy laws being considered by US legislators.

Jimmy Wales (link may not work during blackout), the founder of the world’s fifth most popular website, is instituting a global “day of darkness” for the English-language version of Wikipedia, which will see its 25 million daily users blocked until 5am on Thursday.

Wales is calling for a “public uprising”

against the stop online piracy act (Sopa) and protect IP, two US bills which he has called

“destructive legislation” that, if passed, would “endanger free speech and set a frightening precedent of internet censorship for the world”.

Others joining what has been dubbed “black Wednesday” include the user-generated content recommendation website Reddit, technology news site Boing Boing, and the Cheezburger network of humorous sites  (read more)

via guardian

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