Sci-Fi Fan: Starter Kit


The introduction explains why you should read this article. The article will use gifs, and Sci-Fi references to convince the reader that this will be an article worth reading. The target audience is College Seniors, Community College students, and college dropouts who arent exactly sure about the future. 1. Sunday Service Product: Star wars toys, Marvel toys, Star projector night light, Power of Positive Thinking, Ad space, Audible subscription Reference: E.T, Aliens,… Read More

5 Most Common Deadlift Mistakes


Deadlifts are one of the greatest compound exercise that you can preform in the gym. And while this exercise is highly recommended, there are several ways to do it improperly. Below are 5 common mistake you might be making while preforming deadlifts. 5 Most Common Deadlift Mistakes 1. Improper Arm, Shoulder and Hip Movement 2. Wrong Exercise (Doing Romanian Deadlifts) 3. Hips Too Low 4. Rounding Your Back 5. Relying on Lifting… Read More

16 Squats Mistakes to Avoid: How (Not) To Squat

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Subscribe to my channel Here: → 1. Wearing The Wrong Shoes 2. Trying To Barbell Back Squat When You Can’t 3. Asymmetrical Lift-off 4. Ballerina Walk-off 5. Staggered Stance Unrack 6. Over-Arching Your Back 7. Being Complacent With Your Knees Caving In 8. Limp Feet 9. Quarter Squats 10. Assuming The Knee Should Never Go Past The Toes 11. Butt-Wink? 12. No Warm-up 13. Elbow Position 14. Improper Angle Breaking/Initiation 15…. Read More

11 Bench Pressing Mistakes To Avoid

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  Subscribe to my channel Here: → 1. Having A Flat Back 2. Not Retracting Your Scapula 3. Elbows Too Flared 4. A Short Range Of Motion (ROM) 5. Pressing The Weight Towards The Wrong Direction 6. No Warm Up 7. Maxing Out Too Often 8. Training For Hypertrophy But Expecting Big Gains In Your One Rep Max 9. Not Enough Frequency (Based On Your Goals) 10. Neglecting Other Lifts And… Read More