Day In The Life Of A Surgery Resident

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What Does A Day In The Lie Of A Surgery Resident Look Like? 4:45 am My alarm has just gone off which means I’ve got 30 minutes to take a shower, get ready because I’m on the Vascular Surgery service.  I do all of that and grab my bag with some reading material for later and head up to the hospital. 5:30 I go to my call room and log into the computerized… Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Applying To Medical School

1. 2015 AMCAS Application An overview of the application including important dates and information on coursework and transcripts, letters of evaluation, and criminal background checks. Maximillian Garland | Bright Futura Columnist Follow Bright Futura on Facebook, Twitter, or you can subscribe to our RSS

Top 10 Careers Worth Studying For


In a time where jobs are hard to come by, many students are beginning to wonder if higher education is even worth the expense. The job market isn’t like it used to be, and your basic liberal arts degree simply won’t get you a job. Employers are now requiring specialized skills for applicants to even be competitive. However, there are few careers that require minimal to average levels of higher education that… Read More

Aspiring doctors hope to change lives, better communities

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By Brooke McCloud In 2010, an earthquake in Haiti left the country hailing for hope and health care. International aid flew to the scene, including a team of doctors from Lexington. Over the course of a month, Dr. Pat Duff, an anesthetist, and his team formed a close bond with Haitian high schools students.