Graduation Ceremony Sex Tape

Nothing Spices Up a Graduation Ceremony Like a Sex Tape

I didn’t go to my college graduation and I don’t really regret it. But I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if the George Mason University commencement was anything like a recent ceremony that took place in Denmark.

As clips of smiling students filled the screen, the atmosphere quickly changed as the film suddenly cut to one of the graduating students having sex with an unidentified woman in what looked like hidden camera footage. The sex clip was apparently loaded onto the computer used for the big screen presentation, in which students were allowed to contribute their own photos and video clips.

sex tape at college graduation

Jørgen Rasmussen, the headteacher at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium, said he knows the identity of the male student in the graduation ceremony sex tape but will not file police charges against him, adding that real perpetrators in the case are those who secretly recorded and uploaded the video.

“We’ve agreed not to press charges,” Rasmussen said, according to The Copenhagen Post. “However, we have encouraged the two young people who appear in the video to proceed with the case. It is really them, and not the school, that was violated.”

Yeah, that’s something those kids won’t soon forget. And while it’s obviously a gross privacy intrusion, the recent grads performance could make him legend wait for it … dairy!  You see people this exactly why you should always give 110 percent.

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Graduation sex tape

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