5 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You…

Have you been feeling lately that your boyfriend or partner is not showing interest in you? Do you feel that he’s deliberately not making enough time for you? These are possible signs of a dwindling relationship. I think some of these reasons are pretty self-explanatory. However, I did make it a point to expand on them. The following are five signs that he’s just not that into you…

This article is not intended to be humorous, however, I thought this Internet Husband meme was too funny to not include.

1. Does not answer the phone when you call

This is not to say he must answer every single time. He may be busy, at work or away from his phone at the moment. However, some of the time he should answer and say “I’m sorry, I can’t talk right now but I will call you back as soon as I can.” If he rarely calls you first and ‘forgets’ to return your calls, he doesn’t care. If he’s out fighting crime and saving the world, cut him some slack. Sometimes, he really is busy. However, washing his gym socks, watching paint dry or being perpetually ‘tired’ should not get in the way.

2. There is no conversation on the phone

If you’re going on and on about your day but you feel he’s not actively participating in the conversation, it may be a warning sign. Have you ever thought to yourself “It’s like he’s not listening to me”, it’s because he’s not. Although in-person conversation is more lively and allows for more interaction, phone conversation is also vital. It is important to realize that while phone conversation may not be your favorite it is still a way to make your bond stronger when you’re not in each others presence. If he can’t make the time to talk to you on the phone, he doesn’t need to enjoy you face-to-face either.

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3. Complete lack of concern

If you call him and say “Oh my gosh, you wouldn’t believe what happened today!” and go on to tell him a crazy story and end your story with “and that’s how I cheated death!” If all he says is “…oh.” Do not make excuses for him such as “He has trouble expressing emotions; he’s afraid to show me he cares.” No, he just doesn’t.

Another form of concern is arguing. Confused about how arguing is a way for him to express concern? Allow me to tell you that the only people who love you will argue with you (occasionally) and note: for the good of the relationship. He may feel that arguing isn’t worth it. But more importantly, does he actively listen and respond when you express your concerns?

4. Gives excuses all the time

If you’re utterly sick of his excuses for not answering when you call, not responding to your text messages or for not being more concerned with you, he needs no excuses, pity or sympathy from you. As your partner, he should acknowledge your feelings, wants, desires, needs, etc. If this isn’t happening, it’s a clear sign that he doesn’t care about you anymore (unless he has a very valid reason.)

5. Doesn’t Romance You Anymore

Romance, romance. It makes the world go ’round. There is a legitimate reason to be concerned for your relationship if he is no longer showing you affection or romance. A lack of (Nicholas) sparks is a clear sign that he doesn’t care anymore. We’re not expecting Noah from ‘The Notebook‘ (although, who wouldn’t mind Ryan Gosling?) but, if he is crazy about you, he will go out of his way to show you. You may notice that he is spending more time on other activities like watching television, working on his computer, etc.

People make time to do the things that are important to them.

It goes without saying, that you should take the above signs with a grain of salt. If you go and falsely accuse him of these things, you didn’t read it here! I’ve got a position and a name to uphold. There are many other signs to show that he doesn’t care much about you. Perhaps you should sit down and let him know how what he’s doing is particularly affecting you. This could widen the scope for your relationship to blossom. However, if you have already let him know and it continues, it’s time to kick him to the curb. My rule of thumb: trust your instincts and always listen to your gut; it’s your mind’s way of trying to tell you what you already know. Good luck!

Questions? Concerns? Please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Sabrina Ahmed | Bright Futura Columnist


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