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Find Your Cave And Brace Yourself For Exams

Every great hero has had their own fortress of solitude. Batman has the Batcave, the Teen Titans have Titan Tower, the X-men have Xavier’s Mansion and you… well you have your dorm, I guess? But we all know that during periods of intense studying we need a super secret fortress that can protect us from loud annoying roommates, and other trouble-some distractions. Before things get to crazy and all the good spots are taken, I’ll give you a couple special tips on how to find your cave and brace yourself for exams.


1. Finding A Study Cave

Some of you may already have a cave but for those of you who don’t it is time to locate yourself one. Think about a place on or off campus that you think will be the most comfortable, least distracting and stressful. Try the quite areas of your library or perhaps a study lounge on your floor. Some people really like studying in their dorm, I personally prefer going to Starbucks or a local off shop with Free WiFi.


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2. Have Everything You Will Need

The worst feeling about getting settled into your super amazing study area is realizing you’ve forgotten something extremely vital to your ability to focus. Imagine being a music major and forgetting your head phones or a biology major and forgetting all of your meticulously detailed lecture notes.

Create a check list of things you will need, before you make the final decision to get settled you wont regret it.

Things You probably will need:

  • Headphones
  • Laptop +charger
  • Phone charger
  • Notes + pen/pencil/highlighters
  • Snacks

3. Sharing Your Cave With Other Cave People

If you are new to building a study cave there are a few things you should be aware of when it comes to other cave people. To put it simply, cave people will often try to infiltrate, distract you and/or steal your cave. This is why it is imperative that you protect yourself.

I. Headphones often protect you from uninvited conversation starters. 

I have head phones in

II. Having A Serious Face Also Protects You From Distracting Fellow Cave Dwellers

how to focus

III. Team Up With Other Cave People

By asking people to watch your stuff, you give yourself an opportunity to claim your spot. Essentially creating a forced agreement that causes that person to watch over your cave until you have returned.

Note: Be sure to not leave anything in your study cave that you wouldn’t want moved or stolen especially if your study cave is in public.


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4. Make A Cave Inside Yourself

There are times when geographically it just isn’t possible to find an available study cave. Scenarios like this arise when you’ve been sexiled from your room and all the “good” tables in the library are occupied by freshman looking at memes on  tumblr. In times like this, I recommend creating a makeshift study cave inside your mind.


Finding your cave – Fight Club


I highly recommend using some nice headphones and Rainymood to block out the sounds around you. Rainymood coupled with Pandora is a recipe for success in my personal experience.

Please note: Finding your power animal is optional.



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