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Facebook Returns to Its College Roots With ‘Groups for Schools’

There was once a time when only college students with an .edu email address could have a Facebook account. I know crazy right? However, now that your mom spends all her spare time playing Words With Friends and Farmville through Facebook, it’s hard to recall that it used to be the place to connect with your college community.

Lucky for us the social media behemoth is headed back to its campus roots with the launch of Groups for Schools.

College Facebook

Groups For Schools is an exclusive group that is open only to students and faculty at specific colleges.

Why is Facebook trying to re-establish itself as an educational resource for the college crowd?

Perhaps because you are tired of things like this happening

Facebook mom

or perhaps its because over the past few years colleges have stepped up their presence on Facebook, and we’ve even seen the creation of Facebook-specific education apps designed to make it easier for students to study together.

It’s not clear whether we as students will use this new channel for good or for evil. But one thing is certain at least Facebook Moms wont be cluttering up our feeds with Words With Friends requests.

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