No Shave November

Enjoy No-shave November While You Can

It’s that time of year again. A time when well-shaved men turn into what looks to many of us, a different person. Girls dread it, employers forbid it and men go crazy for it. Yes, “No-Shave November” is upon us.

If you aren’t aware of the phenomenon/movement, allow me to explain. No-Shave November is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches and or beards during the month of November.

What Are The Rules:

  1. You must grow/groom a mustache and or beard for the entire month of November.
  2. You must conduct yourself as a true country gentleman.

While it sounds ridiculous, consider how difficult it will be to partake in this activity after graduation. That’s right, it will be damn near impossible.This is your chance to say Screw you employers of the world and your cookie-cutter clone mentality!

Therefore my fellow country, in the words of the Great Dr. Dre “Hey, Hey, Haaay… Grow Beards Everyday!”

Students around campus are participating in this worldwide activity for many reasons. What is yours?


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