Email Marketing in 2016

(Sandra Hayward) What is most important for the success of e-mail advertising?

Do not embark on any adventures in a bid to find a client for your company. It is not possible to get wide recognition of a product or brand just like that. You will need to work hard on that. And once you got to work with advertising, it is likely that you will have to work in the field of email marketing and advertising. But beware, the essence of effective advertising via email is not to impose the product.

Email is the cheapest and most effective way to advertise on the Internet and increase sales. Customers check their emails every day. And you should take advantage of this fact for the benefit of your business. Why? Lets find that out and become more knowledgeable on how to advertise correctly via email.

Differences between email-newsletters and email-advertising. Although each of these types of marketing advertising is used nowadays, they include some noticeable differences. Mailout is designed to maintain contact with customers, to provide useful information, tips, and entertainment.

While email advertising is purposeful motivation for financial benefit. In these letters, special offers, discounts, product information and a powerful call to action Click here to buy are included.

Effective advertising begins with relations First of all, we need to lay a solid foundation for email advertising – to build a customer base, which constantly consume the product. In order to do this, you can work in one or more directions proposed below:

  • Assign a permanent status to the buyer – a special VIP-client, who will receive
  • special offers and other unique information via email.
  • Use colorful and recognizable email templates, colorful headers, themes.
  • Give coupons via email, which can be printed and redeemed for a discount at the
  • Present gifts to loyal customers.
  • Announce new products and site updates via email.
  • Announce sales, "product of the month".
  • Present gifts on specific holidays or events through the mailbox.
  • Make invitations to themed webinars.

Define the subject line – the most important part of any advertising campaign.It doesn’t matter how carefully you write the letter, the subscriber responds to the title in the first place. A good headline should generate interest and encourage potential customers to open the email. You may also include buttons like “write my essay for me”, if you promote your writing service, and make a link to your page.

Do not focus on the sale of goods in a letter – first you need to convey to the recipient how

the product can solve their problems, and what will be the final result of its use.

Unfortunately, the imposition of a regressive products today does not work well, especially if we are talking about email-marketing. Do not email newsletters more than once a week – effective advertising is not obtrusive advertising. We do not want to cause irritation and open hostility from the recipient. Such customers shamelessly put a tick in the "Spam" box and with a sense of accomplishment, like fighters with unwanted advertising, proceed with their business.

Therefore, the quality is above quantity.

We determine the time of mailing. Everything will depend on the target audience and business orientation. Advertising on the Internet, in the first place, is good because it gives all the analysis tools that help you understand how effective it is. Spend a split-testing, monitor statistics, and everything will become clear. And as always, we take this

responsibility, so as not to bring a ton of client's hatred.

Of course, email advertising may encompass well-known principles of advertising and

  • Your brand emphasizes your individuality.
  • This product is useful for society, environmentally friendly and complies with all the
  • This product does make life better and more productive.

Be bold and never give up!

Article by Sandra Hayward

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  1. Excellent post. It makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. Blogs are not just to fill words it must have some aim and relevance to the readers. You achieved that here. Good attempt and do more here with new words and concepts.

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  3. You should write good ad copies for you campaigns and followup messages. If you are not a very talented writer. You should consider hiring a freelancer writer to do it. Basically the ad copy is responsible for 80% of the campaign’s success. BTW; The subject line should be appealing and eye catching to make the reader open your email.

  4. You should write good ad copies for you campaigns and followup messages. If you are not a very talented writer. You should consider hiring a freelancer writer to do it. Basically the ad copy is responsible for 80% of the campaign’s success. BTW; The subject line should be appealing and eye.

  5. Email showcasing is straightforwardly advertising a business message to a gathering of individuals utilizing email. In its broadest sense, each email sent to a potential or current client could be viewed as email advertising.

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