BORED IN CLASS: Silent Challenge

When you’re bored in class, eyelids are heavy, and the teacher’s drone is putting you to sleep faster than that mixed drink your friend gave you last weekend, here is something to keep you awake. Bright Futura Presents:

BORED IN CLASS: Silent Challenge # 1


1. You must watch on MUTE. Your goal is to watch these videos without getting caught e.g. laughing, or playing these videos aloud.

2. You must watch the 5 videos below in class.

3. If you ROFL or LOL, you lose. If you lose, post or share this on facebook, twitter, etc.

4. If you don’t laugh, you win. If you win, post a video in the comments section below that you think is funnier.


Video 1: Eagle Vs Mountain Goat

  • Time: 2:54

Video 2 Guy on Scooter vs Elevator

  • Time 0:46

Video 3: News Reporter Chuck Storm Accident

  • Time: 0:09

Video 4: Dumb Cat

  • Time 0:13

Video 5: Asian Girl Ghost Prank

  • Time: 1:10


If you made it this far without laughing congrats, if you want post below in the comment section about how unfunny we are and/or post a (silent) video  that you think is funnier and we’ll place it in the next edition of Silent Challenge.


Leon Langford| Bright Futura Columnist

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19 Comments on “BORED IN CLASS: Silent Challenge

  1. hahaha…I wish I had a smartphone when I was in school. It would have made things more interesting sometimes.

  2. Kids today have totally different ways of having fun than I did… I remember playing outside all day long when it was summer, now I don't see a single child outside no matter how warm or cold it is

  3. Wow, the ghost one really got me! That make up looks so real, I would've gotten a heart attack for sure

    • It's not funny anymore if you watch it on mute like the article suggests so it couldn't be up there with the others, but man, that video is hilarious!

  4. Well, i'm not in highschool anymore, but I completely destroyed this challenge! I'm at work and I successfully managed to watch every link mentioned in this article without getting caught. I don't even have my own office. I'm proud of myself.

  5. In your life when you turning from child to an adult person and we can say it is a great transition. In this transition we add different positive things life add confidence, courage hard working, hope, optimism these all positive qualities make your life successful in the community and you live a happy life.

  6. This is very useful article and tips or directions you have shared here in the article because all of us faces this situation very often in our classrooms. It is hard to control a laugh after watching these videos, but definitely it will get you rid of being sleepy in the class.

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